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By kwin (mostly) and Prof (a bit)
December 6 2002

The new site seems to be safely up and running, and many thanks to all of you that have posted messages of support - and also to the many lurkers (Hi Chris) who have kept our hit-rate up, even though you haven't posted yet. If you're one of them.... go on, have a post. Go on, go on, go on. Anyway, we thought it would be a good idea to post up something about our aims for the site, and how we hope it will develop - our philosophy if you like (a grand word intended to frighten off any LI fans still reading).


Above all the site should be fun to visit! We hope the site will entertain, inform, amuse and provoke. And also, from time to time we hope it provoke, anger, enrage or irritate. We want you to come back for more. We'd love it to the busiest site on Sportnetwork - by postings and articles, not just by hits - and to be the homepage for all on-line Quins fans - blazers, geezers or suits, men women or kids, the old and the young.

This is the UNOFFICIAL site (the official site is and it's here to represent the supporters of the club, not the management. We believe that the liveliest message boards are unofficial boards. We believe that the best boards have a seam of irreverance, wit, anarchy and subversion. They are not afraid to prick anyones' bubble of pomposity. We will listen the club; We will tell you what the club thinks, but we'll mainly tell you what we think - and we'd like to hear what you think. We will always try to work for the interests of the club - but we might not always be on-message.

Most importantly, we hope the site will be a positive force, encouraging and getting behind the team, the staff, the management. We belong to a club that's confident, cheerful and successful. We want it to continue this way, and we want to do our part to make it even more so.

OK enough of the philosphy - what of the specifics?

Match reports - written by fans - are central to the site. We'll do some ourselves but we think variety is key to success. Quins play about 30 games a year, if the reports were written by 30 differnet authors we'd be happy.

To encourage volunteers to write a match report we've reached a special deal with the club: At every home game next season the club have agreed to provide a 'CAW Press Pass' for the person writing the report for this site, (no of course you don't have to wear trews but a battered fedora and a trench coat might look the part!) This will give you access to the post-match press conference to hear the views of the staff and players - and ask a question if you are quick enough. If you are interested let us know (see below)

The site also needs regular articles. We think our biggest measure of success is the number of articles NOT written by ourselves (and not just because we're idle). Our dream is new article, sometimes two - six days a week, with no more than one a week from each of us. To make this dream come anything near true we need YOU. This is a call for budding authors...

How will it work ? we will welcome anyone who feesl the urge to write an article. But better than that what we really could do with a core team of authors committed to write a REGULAR COLUMN. This could mean once a week, it could mean every two weeks, or just once a month. But it does mean regularly,of course you can miss the odd one - it's not The Times - we expect the articles to be better researched and written than that!

What sort of article? You could write anything. Our ideas include a preview of the next game, analysis of game plans and tactics, round up of quins in the news, player profiles, regular reports of the ladies/amateurs/U21/second XV games, ladies profiles, geezer news (although this will also be found on, a general rugby opinion colum, rugby politics, archive reports, whatever. Volunteers for any of the above - or to share any job (every other preview?) or anything else that occurs to you would be welcome. Interested? see below.

We believe that a lively board is absolutely central to the site. We're operating a free-for-all no deletion policy. Opposition fans are very welcome (but please no London Irish). Any opinion on any Quins, or rugby-related topic is welcome. Just one exception: Quins is a family club and we'd like to run a message board that kids can read. So we WILL delete posts containing obscenities, racism or hatred. If we do have to delete any posts we will generally do it openly - so that everyone can see that a message was erased and why.

Unlike the rivals board we don't have access to a library, so we will have to make do with our own pictures. If you take a good one of the action, or any individual player send it in - we will make sure that it is credited to you.

Go on, Go on, Go on - have a go. It's actually quite fun to write to a deadline. Everyone welcome. You don't need to write like Mathew Parris - or even like Chris Jones. If you fancy attmpting a regular column then contact us now to discuss. If you just have a one off story you are burning to tell... just write it and email it in to either either  Prof  or  kwin


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