Marching On
News: One Last Pome From WMS...
By WestMidsSaint
February 24 2017

In the early to mid 2000s, Mark Coleman (WestMidsSaint) was one of the most popular contributors to the messageboard. His wit and wisdom via poetry brought a much missed levity to the board...






Mark was a much loved member of the community. His wit and wisdom kept many of us going during gloomy periods (like continually losing to Leicester). His cardiac problems in Biarritz in 2002 led to the formation of Saints With Heart, which has raised over £150,000 for the British Heart Foundation. Sadly, he passed away from a second heart attack in September 2007.


I'm guessing this "pome" would have been written in the Spring of 2007, shortly before Saints were relegated. Those of you that were around at that time will note the issues of the time to which WMS refers (no cameras, no large banners!). For younger readers, just have a read - Almost 10 years after his sad passing, his words are as pertinent as ever... (Phil)






There’s some we win, some we lose

And now and then a draw

Our Trophy cupboard’s empty

But we’re always back for more


We trek across this sceptred isle –

Each year a trip to France

We Jimmies will keep coming

While there’s still the slightest chance


We’re used to minor setbacks

We take them on the chin

‘Cos we know that one day

Wendy will indeed come Marchin in


Pay over the odds for Guinness

Hide cameras under coats

Queue to use the toilets

Shout load and damage throats


Apologise for “plonkers”

Upsetting AP friends

Discuss it in the Rodbar

My God! Where will it end?


Accept the ref’s decision

Watch old friends learn to cheat

Pray for Shiney kicking

Is it victory, or perhaps, defeat?


Get robbed while in the club shop

Eat chips under a tree

You can even wave a banner

(If no bigger than A3)


Shed tears of joy at Twickers

As we did that one, sweet day

What would we give to see, once more

Our dear friend, Lammy play


We may go down, the signs are bad

The future’s looking dark

But think of silver linings folks –

We’ll locate Sedgely Park!