Jonny Arr - #WarriorsLegend
By Lindsay Clayton
May 13 2019

When players leave it is always a difficult time, with 17 players off to pastures new, either in rugby or not there will be some mixed feelings around Sixways on the 18th May.

For many the one name that stands out as one that will be missed more than most is that of Jonny Arr. Jonny came to Worcester Rugby as a 7 year old, playing mini juniors and upwards to gain an Academy place at the Warriors.

27 years in Worcester rugby comes to an end this Saturday, so many are dumbfounded that Jonny is being let go, fans and players alike. He is a double Warriors centurion, making his debut for the Warriors at 17 and was rightly awarded a testimonial last season, scoring in the testimonial match against Gloucester.

Over the last few years, with an eye on what comes after his rugby playing days, he studied for and gained a first class honours degree in leadership and management, this after turning down 6 offers from Universities to take up his Warriors academy place over 12 years ago. His accurate passing, box kicking and tackling way above his weight have been a real feature of the quality of his game and the reason for his longevity as a Warrior.

I have struggled to write this and not get emotional, I will be very sad on Saturday, Jonny epitomises what it is to be a Warrior and as such will be forever part of the club's fabric and history.

Goodbye and good luck Jonny, you owe us nothing which is more than can be said of us. I do hope I get to bellow Jonny Jonny Jonny Aarrrrr during the game while wearing my #WarriorsLegend Tee Shirt and Jonny Mask..

NB - You can get your own Jonny mask before the game from the Inn at the Side for the princely sum of 50p