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Discussion started by TRIXTA , 29 January, 2020 11:20
TRIXTA 29 January, 2020 11:20
It seems to me that our recent dip in form, particularly defensive frailties, coincides with the absence of Ryan Mills. I really rate Mills and I feel we are missing his abrasiveness and organisation skills in defence (and attack!). He would be one of the first names on my team sheet.

I also feel that Chris P is still, by far, our 1st choice fullback. Even though he is perhaps not performing to his usual high standards at the moment, I think that some of the criticism aimed at him on this board is unfair and unwarranted. I, like many others, have not seen Nanai play at full back yet, so will reserve judgement on him.

Re: Millsy
Simba 29 January, 2020 12:21
Iím glad you posted this as it saves me from typing it.
I agree.

Re: Millsy
Faithful_City 29 January, 2020 12:46
I think that some of the criticism aimed at him on this board is unfair and unwarranted.

Please explain by what you mean by "this board"? Does it matter what board it is posted.

I agree completely with your analysis of missing Millsy and that CP is our 1st choice FB at present.

However I totally disagree that the criticism of either is unwarranted. They have not been playing well so deserve criticism or are supporters not allowed to criticise players when they are not performing. If this were the case then there would be no need to improve and drop everyone else that is performing to the best of their ability.

You get paid many £1,000's to perform and entertain so that supporters keep coming and paying their hard earned cash who cheer you on when thing are going well. Then you must be prepared to accept criticism when you don't perform.

But I still agree we are missing Millsy and CP when hitting top form.


Re: Millsy
TRIXTA 29 January, 2020 13:14
I have seen criticism of CP on this board which is why I said it - what's wrong with that? If it offends you, I will add that I have seen criticism of him on the other board too. OK with that?

I said that some criticism of him has been unwarranted because that's what I feel - in my opinion he has not performed as badly as some have suggested. I think that his performances have been neither poor nor shocking, terms which have been used on this board (sorry, both boards).

If you don't want me to post my opinion, I won't.

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Re: Millsy
Underdog 29 January, 2020 13:44
Agree that Pennell and Mills are our best 15 and 12, but I do think their form merited their being dropped from the team. It's not eternal damnation to the pine, but it was necessary.

Even had it not been, it is worth trying to work out who else works well in those positions now we don't have to worry about relegation.

Re: Millsy
Faithful_City 29 January, 2020 14:00
TRIXTA we most definitely want you to post your views/opinions it is the variation of opinions that create lively discussion.

I don't believe anyone has asked you to not post your views or even suggested your views are not welcome or incorrect. I have simply disagreed and put forward why I disagree.

The livelier the discussion the more exciting the fun.

Definitely keep posting.


Re: Millsy
Drahm for England 29 January, 2020 14:09
The key point here is that ON FORM they are our best 12 & 15. If not on form, and someone else is playing better, then they deserve to be dropped. For too many years, Warriors have suffered mediocrity due to the first XV virtually picking itself regardless of form. This needs to change IMO if we are to become more than bottom of the table perennial strugglers.

Re: Millsy
Whispering_Death 29 January, 2020 14:12
Personally I donít think it has anything to do with Mills absence. He hasnít played particularly well for a while now, going back to last season. Season before that he was outstanding but he hasnít been anywhere near those levels for a long time now. Chris is arguably our greatest ever player but his pace has gone and his running game with it. Still a class act, donít get me wrong.

All season our backline has played like they met each other the day before. For some reason they just arenít on the same page. We have a massive problem at 9 and our 10/12/13 axis hasnít worked no matter what combo we put out. Something is wrong I just donít know what it is.

Re: Millsy
ROLLO 29 January, 2020 14:28
I think an on form Mills is very important to us as he acts as another playmaker to the stand off. I am sure that he will be back to good form soon.
Chris has IMHO never let the team down , but we now maybe looking for a bit more than Chris can give us in attack. In defence I thnk he is still a top performer.
I am with WS in that our attack play is so all over the place at present that it needs a radical overhaul, wheter that can happen before Sharrett arrives I don't know.

Re: Millsy
kiddykid 29 January, 2020 20:20
Going forward, ball in hand, Mills is a good creative centre. However, when much younger he must have missed the coaching sessions on tackling.
Pens is great under the high ball, and sometimes he makes good runs, but again unsure about his tackling.
Neither of them are getting any younger but in this Ďunusualí season letís take the chance to experiment whilst not forgetting what we already have and using it wisely.

Re: Millsy
centrethere 29 January, 2020 21:14
If you donít rotate your grazing the pasture degrades

Re: Millsy
Sheldon 29 January, 2020 21:23
It is interesting to look at our results last year

When Mills was out for the last few months our results were fantastic

In my view we are better without him

Re: Millsy
TRIXTA 29 January, 2020 23:46
I agree that it is ok to criticise in certain instances, which is why I used the term " 'some' criticism". In my book, it is perfectly ok to say that somebody isn't playing well etc., I just think the terms dire, poor and shocking are unwarranted. Anyway, I'm glad that you agree with my analysis of CP and Millsy.

In terms of other posts about his age and defensive capabilities, Mills is still only 27 and I wish I could remember where I read about his tackling stats (both number of tackles made and success rate) - they are mightily impressive. You always see a lot more on the T.V. coverage of our games and the commentators are always impressed with his performances. He hasn't enjoyed a spell of captaincy for nothing (indeed, I think sometimes he thinks he is still captain) and I stand by opinion that we are missing him.

Re: Millsy
Fiver 30 January, 2020 09:20
I'm going to use numbers to illustrate what's going through my head.

You have a player who, when on form, hits a 9. However, recently he's been around a 7. You have a young player who currently hits a 6. So, do you drop the under performing player and put the younger guy in? After all, a 7 is higher than a 6. Or, do you play the 6 in the hope that he develops into a higher number? Also, do you drop the 7 in the hope he bucks up his ideas and gets back to producing the 9 we all know he's capable of?

Either way, in that next game you're not going to be hitting the numbers you want, which might possibly lose you the game. The big question is whether, or not, the 6 improves and the 7 goes back up to being a 9. The key is getting the improvement so you only have one poor game. I think our issue right now is we have more than one 9 who's dropped down to a 7, and too many others who are currently a 6, to fill the boots.

On the pod Omar says Sarries didn't gain their wins through money, although I think Marco correctly says the money allowed for the depth. We currently cannot replace a 9, who's dropped to a 7, with another guy who'll come in and produce a 9. Sarries can.

Where Omar is correct is that Sarries have players who don't drop from a 9 to a 7, they keep at 9 unless injured.

i hope this makes sense.

Re: Millsy
Faithful_City 30 January, 2020 10:40
Fiver that is a great analysis, just about hits the nail squarely.

Here are some other numbers in respect of games played and games won

2018-2019 premiership games
Venter - played 18(81%) won 7 - 39% win rate
Mills  - Played 17(77%) won 6 - 35% win rate
Beck   - played 1(4.5%) won 1 - 100% win rate

2019-2020 premiership games so far
Venter - played 2(22%) won 2 - 100% win rate
Mills  - Played 6(66%) won 2 - 33% win rate
Beck   - Played 9(100%) won 4 - 44% win rate

Give Venter and Beck a shout at 12 and 13

Venter creates space outside with great running lines
Mills creates space by subterfuge and handling skills

Mills on top form has to be at 12 but sad to say he just has not been on form since the last few games of last season.


Re: Millsy
Whispering_Death 30 January, 2020 11:40
Great post Fiver, it highlights a major issue. We donít have many truly class players in our squad. I would put Lewis, Venter and Pennell in that bracket. Probably Ted too. Chris isnít quite the player he was but these guys are consistently outstanding. They rarely if ever drop below this level. Last year you could have added Adams and Heem, the year before Spencer. None of whom we have come close to replacing. Hence as a team we are so inconsistent. We seem to make strides then always fall backwards again.

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