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2020/2021 season tickets
Discussion started by Sheldon , 20 May, 2020 21:19
2020/2021 season tickets
Sheldon 20 May, 2020 21:19
I have just received an email about season tickets for 2020/2021

I have until 15 July to sign up and get my preferred seats by 15 July for a 10 % discount.

The email does not discuss in any way how the current season may or may not be finished or what is likely to happen for the next season

My personal view is that the current season will be finished behind closed doors or cancelled and that the majority of next season will be played behind closed doors or not at all. Surely until we know they should not be trying to trick people into guessing what is going to happen

Quite unprofessional in my view

I just cant see myself signing up until I know I can watch some rugby at Sixways

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
LiveInHope 21 May, 2020 07:24
Strangely will be renewing.
If it wasnít for Covid may not have been, but feel club kind of needs us & if we donít support it now it may not be around.
Worried a few clubs may go under. Have heard the usual names being banded about, but also one very surprising name who are currently being kept afloat by a man/family who makes money via property. This may not be a growth area for a few years.
No one is making money from rugby. Really approve what the new owners are doing. Thus feel itís our turn to maybe put our money where our mouth is.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
TrueWarrior 21 May, 2020 08:57
There is a Q and A with the owners today coming out but I cant help but feel that should have been done yesterday and news about STs released today.

Having said that, I will certainly be renewing and have a few new mates that will be joining as well.

Club is in a really difficult place regarding refunds as its obvious to all that the club does not have a lot of money and can not give that back instantly sadly. I would also imagine there may be a PRL universal approach that may have to be taken regarding refunds which has not been decided yet due to still being none the wiser if this season re starts.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Abmatt 21 May, 2020 09:13
And there is also the consumer rights act.

We shall see what the future holds.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
NW2 21 May, 2020 09:43
The email certainly didn't make me want to rush to renew.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Whispering_Death 21 May, 2020 09:49
I think thereís a very good chance stadiums wonít open until the new year so personally Iím not renewing until I know I can actually go and watch rugby. If stadiums donít open until the new year I really donít see how any clubs will survive so I hope Iím wrong.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Abmatt 21 May, 2020 10:09
I find it a bit contentious that they are trying to sell a service that they donít yet know they can provide.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
ROLLO 21 May, 2020 10:15
That is spot on Abmatt. As you said in an earlier post there ius also the consumer rights act.
I am all for help helping the club but what at present have they got to sell - a dream ?

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
usa warrior 21 May, 2020 11:51
Well, I suppose you can make your own choice?

I will am renewing and will support the club as they will need the funds. However completely accept that there will be different views to that and also people who may, unfortunately, not be able to renew due to job circumstances. Tough times.

As above, video out today which should give some answers, I hope.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
lawnsman 21 May, 2020 14:48
For people like me who wish to pay by direct debit the deadline is 5th of June which I think is unreasonable, not least because we probably will not know by then what is happening to this season let alone whether we it will be sensible to attend matches.
Obviously most clubs are on a financial knife edge but I think the current deadlines are not helping supporters, it feels more like a donation than paying for a season ticket.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
DTR007 21 May, 2020 18:28
I think the owners have done a brilliant job and done everything they can in the circumstances.

They have put a lot of time effort and finance into our future. They canít predict what will happen this season so are doing a great job on the things they can work on and improve.

But why why why do the usual bunch of moaners come on here whinging and being so negative.

I think if you gave some of these people free season tickets and unlimited free beer they would still moan the beer was warm!!!

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
TrueWarrior 21 May, 2020 18:46
I feel sorry for whoever runs the Warriors Twitter and facebook account, they must have thepatience of a saint.

It would be impossible for the club to speculate on next season as the plan is to complete this season. The club have issued a contingency plan if the games do not go ahead or are played behind closed doors, that all supporters will be issued refunds if they choose. Cant really ask for much more based on the current scenario.

If you dont want to buy a season ticket next year because you are not convinced you will see rugby, no one is forcing you.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
usa warrior 21 May, 2020 22:10
Also as they said, the DD for the 8 game ticket won't start until we start attending. Safe bet that, I'd suggest?

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Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
kiddykid 23 May, 2020 09:21
At some time rugby will return to Sixways and so I will renew my season ticket. £250 will not break the bank but I would be much poorer if Sixways stood empty for the next few years. They can keep my money for the outstanding ,games if push comes to shove - it is not a lot but very little helps !

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
WorcesterSauce 23 May, 2020 09:58
My thoughts exactly kiddy kid

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
BantamWarrior 24 May, 2020 13:25
Spot on Kiddykid.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
LiveInHope 24 May, 2020 20:04
Will be renewing ST & more than happy to donate any rebate for this season games to the Academy.
Strangely, donít feel comfortable giving any rebate to club but if they ring fence the academy they can have it....& if they canít....well club can have it & @#$%& my feelings comfortableí.
Iím 52 now & rugby has been good to me. Played in Scotland as a kid & teenager, then in Cumbria, Bristol, London & back to Bristol, with 3 games in Stourport. All great fun.]
Thus time for a wee pay back, especially as no one is making money out of rugby apart from Sarries players.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Asterz 24 May, 2020 23:51
For me, renewing and donating my remaining to the club isnít based on a decision of when weíll see rugby. Itís to help confirm I will always be able to see rugby.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Sheldon 27 May, 2020 11:09
On reflection the 8 game ticket is very tempting and well thought out.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Grasshopper 27 May, 2020 23:35
5th June is premature for expecting Direct Debit renewal, as far as I am concerned. I will wait to see when/if 20/21 fixtures are confirmed and if H&S arrangements are satisfactory.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Abmatt 28 May, 2020 10:04
That is next Friday.

We donít even know what is happening with this season yet.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
ROLLO 28 May, 2020 15:17
I think they had little choice to put out the details. What the response will be I have no idea, but the half ST is a good idea.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Villages12 28 May, 2020 15:54
Has anyone received a renewal package yet ?

So far, I havenít seen anything !

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Malvern Man 29 May, 2020 13:14
The renewal packages for my wife and myself came this morning. Direct debits will be renewed automatically with the same seats. Ten per cent price reduction.

We're happy with that.

Re: 2020/2021 season tickets
Fiver 29 May, 2020 13:22
For some reason I don't get emails, I used to when my daughter had a season ticket though. Found it easier to renew online.

Life will go on, covid-19 can't last forever, rugby will return and we'll soon forget all about it.

Right now the sun is shining, I'm not allowed to work so I'll keep riding my bike to retain my sanity.

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