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Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Discussion started by Unofficial Pirates , 22 July, 2015 13:09
Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Unofficial Pirates 22 July, 2015 13:09
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Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Pirate15 22 July, 2015 16:40
A spokesman for the Stadium for Cornwall partners, who include Truro & Penwith College, the Cornish Pirates, Inox Group and Henry Boot Developments, said:

"We are disappointed that having addressed the four issues that Councillors asked us to address when they deferred our application in March, officers are still recommending refusal despite recognising the significant potential benefits of our enabling scheme.

Retail impact was something that was debated at length in March and members decided this was not an issue that needed to be brought back to committee.

Our scheme was also the only retail proposal supported by Truro Chamber of Commerce because of the additional spend the Stadium would generate in the city centre.

The choice before Councillors is a clear one.

We are confident our scheme can deliver the Stadium for Cornwall and the benefits that would flow from it for local sport, business, education and leisure across Cornwall".

It would be a tragedy to dash this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
1spy 22 July, 2015 17:04
The same planning officer has recommended approval of Truro City Football Clubs application to build a football ground at Silver Bowl just "across the road" at West Langarth.No problem with traffic nesting birds or landscape was highlighted by the planners. Also he recommends approval to build a retail park on the existing football ground in Truro. The planners seem to have ignored that the retail park will have a major impact on the City Centre.Truro Chamber of Commerce did not support this application but supported the Inox West Langarth development as the Stadium would bring much needed trade to the centre.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Pantherdave 22 July, 2015 19:45
After many years it seems obvious the planning officers have an axe to grind. Hopefully enough councillors will be forthright enough to decide for the more beneficial option for the people of Cornwall. However I'm not confident.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
KarlMarx 22 July, 2015 20:52
Surely the retail development of Truro City's old ground, will have a greater retail impact on the city centre than that planned for West Langarth? I could say so much more, but for want of not wishing to say anything libelous, I will offer just two words.

This stinks!


I may have been born a Londoner, and it may have taken me thirty six years to discover my destiny, but one thing is certain - I was born to be a Pirate! (Sm109)

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Caradon Pirate 22 July, 2015 22:39
The Cornish Pirates are 10 years old, it's been 10 years since Dickie gave that speech at St.Johns Hall with a great vision for the Pirates and Cornwall. 7 years the S4C has been in the planning stage and we have not seen any permanent location chosen let alone turf being cut. I just think certain people with Cornwall Council do not want this to go ahead and with the new devolved powers this sham has been given, I do not think we will ever see a stadium built. Well done to these individuals who want to keep Cornwall in the 20th century and behind the rest of the country, I really hope I am wrong, I really do, but I have no faith with these clowns!

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
1spy 22 July, 2015 22:56
One unelected Planning Officer has decided to "KILL OFF" the Stadium for Cornwall it is now down to your elected Councillors on the Strategic Planning Committee to kick his recommendation into touch. If they do not make that democratic decision it will be a sad day for Cornwall and the dream for a Stadium4Cornwall will be dead.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Stricky 22 July, 2015 23:19
I don't believe the S4C will be dead if this doesn't go through. The PM has said he will help make it happen. Keep the faith.

Stricky (Waterloo Pirate)

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
cornishbob 23 July, 2015 08:41
Karl Marx summed it up. IT STINKS and the smell is now putrid. If I were a betting man (and I'm not) I would lay odds that somewhere someone is on the payroll or being controlled by a large business (or maybe two!!) hence the continued blatant blocking of the INOX and S4C application. The only hopes we have is that this scandal is exposed for what it is (and quickly) and the SPC in the form of the council themselves go against Mr Marsh and his recommendation and give the green light at long last. Mr Cameron may well have said what he did and his intentions are probably well founded but I suspect he and others at the top have no real idea as to what is actually going on and the sage behind it, perhaps his new MP's for this county might do some research and enlighten him!!!

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Newlyn Pirate 23 July, 2015 12:50
Like everyone else I think the situation with the Stadium is a total disgrace and shows total incompetence on the part of the planners whether they be elected or paid. I believe that some of the comments with regard to the chief planning officer and his officials show a lack of understanding with regards to his job.
Planning is controlled by the county wide master plan which took years to complete and covers every aspect of matters to be considered. The latest plan has been delayed for over a year so the one the planning officer is working to is well out of date but he is obliged to make his recommendation based on it. It’s a fair bet that when the plan was written it did not anticipate including a stadium.
It is the planning officer to put the application together as a package with recommendation based on the county plan efficiently ( which he appears incapable of) and the planners to decide in the public interest whether to accept the recommendation in a transparent way ( !!!!!!!)
From the little I know the problems appear due incompetence right across the system rather than the planning department having a secret , or some would say not so secret agenda.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
cornishbob 23 July, 2015 16:54
Newlyn using your logic, they may not have anticipated a Stadium - but neither did they anticipate two supermarkets (when only one was recommended by the advisors), an in town shopping area at Treyew Road or a new football ground opposite the INOX application - but they all managed a green light. So for me although your statement is exactly as you say, it just doesn't hold water for me. There is something very wrong with whats been happening and it needs looking at.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
1908 23 July, 2015 20:43
Truro.....the capital of the brown envelope.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Wigston Pirate 24 July, 2015 15:02
Leicester Tigers are in the process of having a new stand built and this is in a built up area without any issue. The parking in the area is atrocious when a match is played but thousands attend. Cornwall should have the same facility with thousands attending and a council backing them all the way. Why has this one person seem to be able to wield such power!

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Newlyn End 26 July, 2015 18:38
Just visit the Barbican area in Pz harbour between 8-11am and 6-8pm to witness the complete shambles that is still happening despite £80 million available to redevelop the area.

I drove through earlier and cant remember seeing so many tourists wandering around, imagine if the powers that be made some good calls 3-4 years ago, Pz could be a very different place.

All this nostalgia has to stop, as a county, country or even planet we cannot save everything, there has to be change. St Johns hall fiasco is the latest, what is so special about a few granite steps? Answers on postcard.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
AggiePirate 26 July, 2015 19:17
What have the cornish MP's had to say about this? If Cameron says that the stadium needs to happen, surely his back benchers should be following it up?

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
ascloseasthis 26 July, 2015 19:35
Sold to the provider of the fattest brown envelope

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
woll 26 July, 2015 19:54
What have the cornish MP's had to say about this? If Cameron says that the stadium needs to happen, surely his back benchers should be following it up?

It (perhaps) took some prodding - but Truro MP, Sarah Newton - has spoken out about seeing this through to a positive conclusion.

Someone else can provide a link.

There is still need of caution but...fundamentally this should raise hopes.

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Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
1spy 26 July, 2015 21:00
Sarah Newton Tory Whip and Truro MP has vowed to "Break the deadlock on the Stadium" That is a very brave statement and should be appreciated, this fiasco has been going on for seven years. I hope this connects with our Cornwall Councillors on the Strategic Planning Committee to ignore the opinion of the Planning Officers recommendation to refuse Inox Enabled Application to fund the Stadium with private sector money.Cornwall Council Planning officers seem to think they are very very special and choice to ignore everyones opinion.The Cornish people who pay their salaries do not seem to matter.

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Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
AggiePirate 27 July, 2015 21:11
So do we need to prod Sarah Newton individually, or are S4C taking this up? The local MP and Prime Minister have more clout than an unelected jobsworth on the council, surely?
I am all up for a bit of prodding, if it will help!

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
1spy 27 July, 2015 22:22
The S4C group lobbying goes on by the day but its really down to the decision on the SPC meeting on Thursday.
The decision will be decided by the democratically elected Councillors on the committee or the unelected Planning officers in the "Kremlim" sorry County Hall.Will our representatives support what the people in Cornwall wish or will vested interests prevail?
Sad but i will be surprised if Cornish Democracy prevails .Expect more undemocratic decisions controlling our lives with the so called Cornwall Devolution in the future.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Humphry Davy 27 July, 2015 23:16
With a far bit of knowledge of the workings of Cornwall Council the idea of them having greater powers through this form of devolution genuinely scares me.

To be fair to many councillors they are simply unaware of the actions of many officers and senior managers within the council as they are too removed from the day to day workings, which is a failing of the system. We should have a quarter of the number and pay them a decent amount, then you will have quality and interest.

At such an important time the Chief Executive departs and is temporarily being replaced by a current Director (in a different guise), who retired down to Cornwall to take up a short term post and then was convinced to stay on to see through the amalgamation with the health service. Now he has the top spot for a time, but if you look back at history you will see others who have done the same to boost the pension and then retire. What's the betting that this one departs as soon as his finances tie up. Just when the council needs strong leadership. Bring back Kevin Lavery who tried and would have succeeded with proper councillor support.

Like all of us on this forum the idea of a stadium for Cornwall seems to make common sense, but common sense isn't very common these days.

Roll on Thursday, the wait is painful and god knows how those who have put so much effort in over the years must be feeling.

I will keep the faith and will book my season ticket in the stadium before too long.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
1spy 27 July, 2015 23:48
Humphry Davy your spot on if Kevin Lavery had still been in charge of Cornwall Council he would have sorted out this Planning Department fiasco.He had vision which now is non existent up at the Kremlin"sorry County Hall" Please do not forget he was 100% behind the Stadium4Cornwall and sanctioned and arranged funding for the Stadium Feasibility Study.Without that we would not even have achieved Planning Permission for the Stadium.Unfortunately we ended up with a Carpet Bagger for 18 months on a big salary who promoted this so called Cornish Devolution then clears off to Scotland and leaves it to someone else to sort out the mess.Unfortunately for Cornwall their is no one to sort the mess out.Only another Carpet Bagger.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Pirate15 28 July, 2015 16:49
This letter has gone out today to all members of the SPC and its quite clear that this is the last chance for the planning committee to approve the Inox enabling application to fund the stadium.

Letter to the Strategic Planning Committee

From PLC Planning Ltd

Dear Councillor,


I would be grateful if you would read this short letter which outlines key issues relevant to making a decision on the Stadium for Cornwall enabling application on 30/07/15.

At the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) meeting on 12/03/2015 the committee resolved that:

“Consideration of Application No. PA14/08092 be deferred for a period of 3 months pending the receipt of the following:-

Details of the ecology impact and the carrying out of surveys.
Information to enable Highways modelling to take place.
Finalisation of a S106 Agreement to secure necessary contributions
and deliverability of the Stadium.
The carrying out of an archaeological survey”

We have responded to all of these points well within the defined three month period and understand that all of these points are now agreed as acceptable by your officers.

As the minutes of the 12th March meeting record (and the attached transcript shows), [] the committee was satisfied with the retail impact of our proposal.

Following a debate by members, consideration (or re-consideration) of retail impact was specifically excluded from the resolution. This is what one of your officers said when asked to confirm the reasons for deferral by SPC chairman Cllr Rob Nolan on 12th March:

“For the ecology, for the archaeological, highway modelling reports to be submitted and the Section 106 agreement to be discussed, negotiated and finalised and brought back following that completion, but not any report on the retail impact.”

Our proposal has not altered since that meeting, nor therefore has our retail impact, nor our scheme viability.

We are mystified therefore why officers appear determined to re-open these matters in relation to our proposal. To do so ignores the expressed wishes of the committee. We would also remind members that our proposal has the support of the Truro Chamber of Commerce, the only application before the committee that has support from the body that represents city centre retailers.

In relation to the second reason for refusal there is simply no evidence to support your officers’ assertions.

It is poor planning practice to interpret strictly some elements the Threemilestone Brief (which is guidance, not policy), but in the same breath throw away a key objective of that brief, namely the consented Stadium for Cornwall.

Your officers’ concerns are misguided, unjustified and would not stand up to third party scrutiny.

Having said that, our clients will not appeal a refusal, so the Stadium for Cornwall lies at your mercy on 30/07/2015.

I hope that as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee you will agree that a strategic decision is required which recognises the positive impact of the Stadium project for the whole of Cornwall, rather than see it fall victim to localised concerns.

Please remember that there are no substantive alternatives for a ‘Stadium for Cornwall’ and despite talk of Indian Queens this is of no interest to either the Cornish Pirates or Truro & Penwith College, and nor is Silverbow.

Without these key anchor tenants a stadium is not viable in the short term and not sustainable in the long term.

I would also add that the Stadium partners have extended a formal invitation to Truro City Football Club (see enclosed) and have met with Helical Bar. It is disappointing that they have chosen to pursue their own scheme. We would reiterate that the door is always open to TCFC to become a partner in our project.

I hope that you will recognise that our clients have done all they can in response to the concerns that you have raised. But as the record so clearly shows, your officers have simply shifted the goalposts (again) in order to stoutly defend those elements of the Threemilestone brief that they deem important.

It is quite apparent that whatever our clients do it will never be enough to satisfy your officers.

You can clearly contrast the contradictory positions taken by your officers in relation to the Silverbow/Helical Retail proposals, which have plainly not been subjected to anything like the same level of scrutiny as our clients’ proposals, nor treated in a similar manner.

For example, we are required to have a S106 and bond in place whereas their proposals are treated in a different, much less stringent way.
Why is that?

It is a shame for all aspiring sportspeople across Cornwall, not to mention the education, business, community and leisure interests throughout the county that would benefit from a Stadium at Threemilestone, that your officers have not respected the clearly stated views of the committee, nor embraced the Council’s adopted (and consented) vision of the Stadium for Cornwall.

I would stress that the enabling application allows for replacement pitches of the 'blue land', an upgrade in the form of a 3G pitch (in addition to the stadium artificial pitch), new community hub building and crucially a Stadium to be built on the 'blue land' site.

Please don’t let this opportunity pass Cornwall by. Please don’t be influenced by the incorrect concerns that have been raised about retail delivery without a stadium (the S106 and bond ensure that cannot happen), nor the deliverability of the proposal (our clients remain confident about this).

Only one thing is certain – if our clients never have a permission to put to the market we will never actually know whether any of the viability/deliverability concerns raised by your officers are real or not (and we strongly refute them).

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by granting permission.

If the scheme is not viable then nothing will happen. If it is viable then retail development cannot be occupied until a 6,000 capacity Stadium is built. There is no risk.

Please give the Stadium for Cornwall your support.
Thank you for considering our concerns.

Kind regards,
David Seaton, BA (Hons) MRTPI

For PCL Planning Ltd

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Devonian 28 July, 2015 17:44
I am all up for a bit of prodding, if it will help!

As I have said before, go for it. I have copied the letter through to I have send numerous items through to her and they seem to go through to the PM Office and to the Culture Secretary.

#Even if there is no response before Thursday it will be "on file"

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Pirate15 28 July, 2015 19:29
Thanks for your continued support for the stadium project and the input you have had on the subject. I can assure you that both the PM and the Culture Secretary are being kept well informed by the 6 Cornish Conservative MP's.The support from Downing street has been clear and may prove to be our only point of salvation after Thursday. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the County's planning officers and majority of Councillors. This is very worrying from a council who want to have more power and financial control over the County through devolution but fail to recognise the benefits of the stadium.

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
Humphry Davy 28 July, 2015 20:31
Why hasn't the Leader of the Council come out with a positive view? Or even Julian German as Cabinet member for Economy & Culture.

Instead the inhabitants of that great listed building at Truro remain silent.

Are they too afraid to speak up?

Re: Chairman's Response to Planning Officers
1spy 28 July, 2015 21:52
They both need to "Grow Some".

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