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Where does the club go from here?
Discussion started by lewj (IP Logged), 10 June, 2018 10:22
10 June, 2018 10:22
Off the back of a beating from the only other team without a win going in to the game where does the club go from here?

We have been at pretty low depths in South Wales previously but this is new ridiculously low levels.
I can honestly see us finishing the season without a win and breaking all records for being awful.

Give what excuses you like but this has gone from bad to worse. If the club has no plan, and I mean a meaningful one not the pie in the sky nonsense that has gone previously, then I don't see any point continuing. The Wigan link up where players go one way makes the situation even more laughable.

Penybont Crusader
Penybont Crusader
10 June, 2018 13:00
This is a pertinent question and one which the club needs to address irectly on the club website ..

Even if it's just a recognition that things are bad but that there is agencies plan in place for improvement. Announcement Two needs to be soon and be something meaningful.

11 games and going on for 1000 points shipped....

10 June, 2018 16:36
I was up in Llangollen this weekend and got score updates from PC. I had to ask him to clarify as I genuinely thought WWR would put up a good show against Hemel. Hugely disappointing result. All the hype from last July has evaporated it seems.

10 June, 2018 17:38
As a Lancashire lad, I am disappointed where the Raiders are right now. Reminds me of the sad demise of Huyton a few years ago.
Surely the club or the league can put some effort into getting some experienced players to get on board and stop the rot. I read where the head man said he was busy getting the infrastructure of the club right. With a team shipping points like the Raiders are, stuff the infrastructure, and get the team right. Good luck. We’re rooting for you up here. We need a good team in South Wales.

10 June, 2018 18:42
Cristo - you are 100% correct.

10 June, 2018 19:35
When it comes to experience for yesterdays game we were without the services of captain

Morgan Evans and half back Mark Asquith,with the latter rumoured to be missing the remainder of this campaign.

Other experienced players left to go to Coventry - a club themselves experiencing blowout scores.

Yesterday just happened to be the worst performance of the season,in my opinion which is far from expert,but I don't wish to take anything away from Hemel who were confident and seemed one step ahead in every facet of the game.

Just a bad day at the office.

On the club Facebook page both the owner/chairman and CEO give full and frank statements.

In answer to the question at the top of the thread - The club carries on with the slow upward trajectory.

I was hugely disappointed yesterday,for all of those who give their time and effort,and for the owner,board of directors et al.

It is refreshing to know that the people running the club love the sport,are open and honest,and give so much,literally and metaphorically.

It is in keeping with our luck that our next home game will be against Whitehaven,who,a few days ago,asked supporters and businesses in the town for 60k to save the club so a new consortium can take over.

That new consortium have already put sponsorship in.Joined with Red Star Belgrade for rugby and commercial purposes,and a new signing is to be announced tomorrow.

The Whitehaven players,knowing they will reach the end of the season,should arrive full of confidence.

I'll be okay by Sunday and a good performance at Keighley Cougars will lift everybody feeling a little down at the moment.

Keeping The Faith for a strong second half to the season - and reading about the doom and gloom at both Wigan Warriors and Leeds Rhinos.

Penybont Crusader
Penybont Crusader
10 June, 2018 20:44
Slow yes.

Upward - at the very best questionable.

Penybont Crusader
Penybont Crusader
10 June, 2018 21:02
Can we also look forward to a consortium from a famous name putting in funds to help the Raiders ?

10 June, 2018 21:27
If you had a few spare quid PC, in this part of the world, where would you put it, into a local RU club that gets you the kudos of the local community or an RL club that is fast becoming a national embarrassment?

This was the must win game in the mini league of three and it turned out to be a must lose game.

And I’m sorry but to dismiss it as a “bad day at the office” takes rose tinted glasses to a new high. This was arguably the absolute nadir of RL in South Wales. You probably have to go back to Coychurch Blue Dragons to match it.

The patient has been on life support for a few years now and frankly it’s time to pull the plug on the machine. Carry on playing community RL if there is a desire but the (semi) pro boat was well and truly missed.

11 June, 2018 08:32
I don't mean to upset anybody but it is the 'We'll get there' comments usually accompanied with a hard luck story and not much by way of planning that is the root of all this.

Can anybody out any argument for the club progressing when we are paying less than Coventry and Welsh lads would prefer to travel there than Llanelli?

The definition of insanity is trying something over and over again and expecting a different result. That is the story of RL in South Wales.

11 June, 2018 11:12
Over the years on this forum we've had more than our fair share of excuses for season after season of poor performances. Apart from the first season when the then Scorpions finished in the last play off place it has been year after year of struggle.

I have kept this forum going and it is the only place which keeps results up to date and a list of what has gone before. The ostrich mentality doesn't do anybody any good in the long run - if it's not there it didn't happen!

The first anniversary of the WWR take over is fast approaching but we find performances on the pitch actually worse than they were 12 months ago. And this is NOT being negative it is being factual. The 2018 season is shaping up to be the very worst in terms of results and it cannot be doing much for the players confidence. Nobody is slagging off the players or even criticising their efforts or commitment but the truth is the team is way short of competing at this level.

We have lost every game this season all by large margins some by huge scores and Saturday proves how far from the pace we are.

Cast-iron13 is a very welcome addition to the forum but having to make excuses for players not appearing, not having enough to make up a squad etc must wear him down too. All professional sports teams have issues with injuries / selections etc. BUT unless the product on the pitch is working the off field set up could be Old Trafford or Mebourne CC will make no difference. The team needs strengthening and fast.

11 June, 2018 14:10
I was quite heartened,and more than a little surprised,to see the match report in the RLE

written by Ian Golden,where he is much more positive about the team performance.

Also in the same publication is the following from Andrew Thorne,the chairman of the

club,'' Interim coach Phil Carleton is likely to remain in the position for the time being.

Phil is doing a great job and has the respect of all the players.

This will be his third year coaching in this league and he knows what it's about so

he'll probably keep the caretaker role for now.

But we are in discussion for coaches for September onwards.''

Also in RLE the head coach for Hemel Stags had signed 2 players released by Hunslet.One
of them scored a try on Saturday.

I don't think we will be signing too many until a new coach is announced.( I am checking at 'the other end' so to speak,and nothing has been mentioned and he is doing very well.)

No,it ain't Shaun Wane - or at least it wasn't last I heard!

Again we had debutants on Saturday,a new half back pairing,and it just seems this year has had unforeseen circumstances with work commitments being changed for some,including the head coach,so it is just one thing after another.

Gotta keep battling.Good times just around the corner...

11 June, 2018 14:52
CI I will try to follow rogero's lead and be positive about your optimism but I don't think you get it yet do you. We should not be wringing our hands and "complaining" that Hemel managed to sign two ex Hawks, we should be asking why WWR did not do the same. It's not a fair world and to keep complaining or commenting on what your adversary has is not going to get you anywhere.

Regarding the article, I don't know Phil Carleton but I suspect being told he is only there until September along with the "ringing endorsement" of his last three years a period in which the scorpions/ironmen/raiders wins can probably be counted on one hand, is not the greatest motivator for him or any reason for players to move to WWR.

It's a heck of a long corner, not a chicane!!

11 June, 2018 17:23
I have to say i thought the boys never gave up on Saturday, the Aussie lad had a great game. A bit of a mystery why Steve Parry never came out second half till the last 5 minutes. Too many knock ons forward passes and other silly mistakes cost them momentum the whole game. Hemel were the better side but had the rub of the green as well. Talking to a lot of new fans after the game all Scarlets fans they dont expect us to win this season but are happy to keep on coming to the games and their numbers are increasing apparently like cast iron they know all the staff and owners and believe its a 3 year thing before we see a change in fortunes . I talked to roughly a dozen lads from different groups and they were all positive , it makes me think that they must know something that i dont . Time will tell i suppose.

11 June, 2018 18:20
Thanks Dai - looking forward to a catch up face to face soon. Older and wiser...?

I'm not sure how many of the Scarlets fans would turn up to matches if they had to pay? All Scarlets season ticket holders get in for nothing I understand.

In terms of a three year plan and not expecting to win a match this season where does that leave us for 2019 is my question. Will the existing players get better? Or will we see lots of new faces coming in?

I'm not sure another two years of getting thumped is going to do the sport we all love any good, although having said that we've been getting thumped for the best part of a decade..

12 June, 2018 07:46
Nobody on here is being anything but concerned, its a sport we love and rightly or wrongly we are not in a place anybody thought we would be 11 months ago. What this season has proved is it is booming hard to succeed.

Some excellent points being made in this thread and no cheap shots whatsoever.

If only we had a magic wand...!

12 June, 2018 12:00
Hi Rog all the Scarlets lads i spoke to bought the season tkt offer, with the free jersey etc thrown in. So they are genuinely backing the club.

23 June, 2018 17:51
We've just been battered at home by 66 points to 6 by a team that almost went to the wall.

I don't care what the announcement coming up is, unless it is large lots of cash being used in a clever way this is doomed to fail. I'll be the first to say we will not get there doing what we are doing. We are better leaving it getting a plan in place and going in properly and causing a stir and capturing the imagination of the South Wales public.

As it is we are doing more to harm the game down here than ever before. We're proving the heartland club fans right in that it will never work down here and giving a lot of ammunition to the rugby union fans who see it as a token gesture to the great game.

If we do it and do it well then fair enough but to coin an old phrase we're throwing bad money after good. It is a waste as we are achieving very little doing what we're doing. I'd go as far as saying a few more years of being the whipping boys of semi pro RL is causing almost irreparable damage.

23 June, 2018 17:57
At the minute as a club we're the journeyman pro who has seen his best days many moons ago and is waiting on the towel to come in.

I think it is a simple question of do we have the financial clout to compete at this level. If the answer is no let's have some competitive clubs at conference level. What is the point getting smashed every week with the motto "we will get there". We have not and by tip toeing along doing the same thing we never will.

If there is money and not being used then you have to beg the question 'why not?' because it is more than needed.

I had a lot of enthusiasm last season when the new owners took over but with every passing result and the optimism shown regardless of the facts and scoreline being racked up by opposing teams the more I feel they are out of their depth.

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24 June, 2018 09:53
The one saving grace is that the planned 'events' around the home fixtures in June have NOT gone ahead - so the poor performances have not lost any 'new' supporters.

Things are moving at a pace.Lots of changes.Never despair.

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