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Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Discussion started by , 01 November, 2019 12:39
Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up 01 November, 2019 12:39
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Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Rogerandout 01 November, 2019 12:55
Interesting to look at the two Falcons teams. I was hoping to see Mullipola and Ah You together this week. It strikes me as a combo that would cause problems for opponents in the Premiership.
A little disappointed to see Flood shunted one out to 12. I fancy that we need to see Wakeokoke, Stevenson and Penny progress this year with a lot of game time. Of course you do want experience around them aswell so maybe I am too critical.
With Young in and Flood at 12 it doesn’t look like the plan is for a loose exciting game. I am sure the coaches have a plan.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Falc Dancer 01 November, 2019 14:00
Another strong team with rotation
Issues with centres and injuries means Toby slides to 12 but he’s more than capable of playing 12

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
RiponFalcon 01 November, 2019 18:16
Does anyone know if Callum Young on the bench for the A team is a relative of Glen Young? I know a number of Glens brothers play for Jedforest but I also know there are other Young’s in the Jedforest who are not related

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
markismith50 01 November, 2019 19:06
Yes, Callum is Glen’s cousin.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
RiponFalcon 01 November, 2019 19:38
Thanks Mark. A talented sporting family. A few of his brothers play for Jed and his dad won a silver in the 1986 commonwealth games as a heavyweight boxer. The bloke who won the gold at super heavyweight at those games was fairly useful

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
AFalcon24 02 November, 2019 11:40
Surprised to see some of the international players are still not back like the Tongan players, considering the premiership teams have started to include them in the match day squads again.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
markismith50 02 November, 2019 11:48
Tane only landed on Thursday, he is 24th man today but hasn't trained with us yet. And Cooper isn't here yet. All agreed with the coaching team in advance.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
telfs123 02 November, 2019 14:10
Edit. Phone going mental trying to type. Eventually gave up.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 02/11/2019 14:17 by telfs123.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
AFalcon24 02 November, 2019 14:30
Ok thanks was just wondering.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Rogerandout 02 November, 2019 14:59
Awful rugby again. Scored tries got a bonus point win. We will go up but I was so hoping for some rugby this year.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Andy Mac 02 November, 2019 15:21
Agreed. Looked just like last year - slow ball to the wing and hope they can do something to make some yards. Frustrating.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Andy Mac 02 November, 2019 15:26
Smithy - was there some confusion over some of teh Jersey scorers?

"Jersey scorers - Tries: Auguy Slowik, Jack Stapley, A Forward. Conversions: Brendan Cope 2."

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Gosforth 02 November, 2019 16:01
Andy Mac
Smithy - was there some confusion over some of teh Jersey scorers?
"Jersey scorers - Tries: Auguy Slowik, Jack Stapley, A Forward. Conversions: Brendan Cope 2."

Albert Forward, surely you’re heard of Albert? His father Wing was an international in the 80’s

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
telfs123 02 November, 2019 17:00
What I tried to post earlier:

Our attacking structure is painful.
-We think this is an effective way to attack
-We know this is limited but decide to do it anyway
-Our coaching staff aren’t good enough to put anything else in place.

I don’t know which is worse.

We end up winning just by brute force. But in terms of putting in structures to be ready for the Premiership if we get promoted we’re going backwards. They’ll be people who’ll say “we’ve won every game” “we can put in structures later in the season”. This year is entirely about turning around to be competitive again in the Premiership. Instead we’re playing in the exact way that got us relegated.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
pityacker 02 November, 2019 17:19
Another moderate affair for spectators lit up with a moment of magic by Adam Radwan , I don’t know when his contract is up but there will be clubs just waiting to take him away when it is.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Rogerandout 02 November, 2019 17:32
It is the established former premiership players who are failing to deliver. We need a half back combination to take us forward this year and next. Takalua is the only one I have faith in. I do think Flood at 12 is insulting to the other centres in the squad.
Maybe there is a plan to pick some players up for next year from the World Cup. We need forwards, half backs as a priority and an attacking plan.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
RiponFalcon 02 November, 2019 18:27
Another poor performance but a 5 point win. Radwans try was worth the admission. Dean says it will be try if the season but I wouldn’t bet against him doing something even more spectacular. Once he is in broken field I can’t see anyone stopping him

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Barry555 02 November, 2019 18:48
I’d agree with the fact it wasn’t the best today. Especially first half , very naive and not up to much. Second half better in patches but really need to start playing accurate rugby for more then 10 minutes of a whole game.

I thought our second row partnership worked well. Think Sebastian has been a sound bit of business. Solid carrier , dynamic at lineout (Coopers throwing was quite off today).

I know Flood takes quite a bit of stick , some I think is warranted some I don’t but you can’t question the blokes effort. I counted in first half he contested/jackled at least 4 breakdowns in a row and is always throwing himself around even against the big lads. I like the idea of Flood playing 12 instead of 10 though I expect Matavesi to take the 12 shirt when he’s back..... thought Joel looked pretty good at 10.

Tom Penney had a solid game today too. For a smaller lad he punches way above his weight. His midfield hit and jackle turnover in our 22 in the second half was outstanding.

Jersey moved the ball well in the back division and i loved watching their 9 play , crisp service and his box kicking was accurate and consistent

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
alas 02 November, 2019 19:05
Thought the first 30 minutes were awful, but the second half was more entertaining with both sides throwing the ball around.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Leipziger 02 November, 2019 19:42
I don't think the Falcons were necessarily trying the wrong things today, but our basics were pretty poor in the first half, a lot of missed tackles, dropped balls and missed passes. If those had come off, we might have had a much bigger win and not given Jersey so much ball and territory. We'll never know.

Flood had a good game I thought, my MOTM was Gary Graham. I know he was only on for 10 minutes but did Alex Tait touch the ball? Easiest appearance he'll ever have for us.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
markismith50 02 November, 2019 19:43
Andy Mac, their 3rd try was from a maul on the far side and nobody, including the Jersey subs, seemed to know who had scored it. We eventually found out and amended the report. It was TJ Harris.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
eebagum 02 November, 2019 19:55
That’s not asking too much then is it ...forwards, halfbacks and an attacking plan?
I d like to think that the return of key players from the World Cup, and fitness of others will enable us to put together a cohesive performance. Todays performance belies the 42-19 scoreline, moments of brilliance interspersed with much mediocrity.
Adam’s try was worth the entry money alone.
But why we can’t win a simple line out after 5months of practice totally baffles me.
Is it because we have so many hookers and so many second row /back row that we don’t practice enough?It was a shambles.
Other schoolboy errors - knock-ons, misses passes- just added to the mediocrity....but one thing is assured, it is all going to come together very soon and we will produce the complete performance -and give someone a hammering!The second half was so much better, producing the ‘pace’ we have talked about so much- but why at lineout time is it necessary to have a forwards meeting followed by an amble up to the line.If our game is about pace why not pressure , pressure, pressure across the pitch?Dont give the opposition time to get a breather and organise their defence.
Finally a note about Floody, he comes in for a bit of stick but today, for me, he was Man of the Match- sometimes playing 12, sometimes 7- and obviously in some discomfort . He still has a lot to give to the Falcons, especially a passion and his will to win-hopefully this will rub off on the the younger generation before he finally hangs up his boots.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
BedfordFalcon 02 November, 2019 23:53
Seconded re Toby. His commitment and passion, his willingness to put his body on the line are outstanding. He may not have the pace of old but he still has tactical nous and all the skills. Right now, to me, he's looking like the glue holding the team together

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
DJMc 03 November, 2019 08:00
I saw the backs try a few moves from set pieces but the execution was extremely poor, mostly from wayward passing causing the knock ons. Throughout the game I thought there were a lot of unnecessary high looping passes which killed the momentum of the receiving player by having to jump to catch the ball.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Meb4568 03 November, 2019 11:28
Was my first game of the season... painful to watch for the most part- slow ball, lack of creativity and total dependence on forward power. As most have noted the second half was better and Radwan's try simply outstanding.
Clearly still early in season so plenty of time to improve but seems very clear that major change needed for us to survive in prem.
I watched the 'A' team game also... Sterling were weak so hard to draw any real conclusion but such a great contrast to the earlier game... energy levels seemed higher and the lads played with far more freedom. Again second half better than first. Some talent here... hope we test them at a higher level.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
corporalcarrot 03 November, 2019 11:44
Back in the wild north west of Jersey but I must record my thanks for the brilliant hospitality at KP yesterday from 8am at the World Cup Breakfast through the main match and in the East Stand for the Stirling match at 4.30pm. A huge pity that injuries deprived Jersey of a handful of key players which could have made a difference but still proud of the Jersey lads efforts - they never stopped trying to take the game to Falcons so I remain blindingly optimistic that they will give your lads a better match in one of the two remaining fixtures we have this season. The South Stand at KP is my favourite place to watch a rugby match and although it showed a bit of a lack of decorum to flood the terrace with cow bells the banter with the home fans was always good natured. See you again pre-Christmas for the cup match and in February for those making it down for the league game at St Peter. When you are back in the premiership think of Jersey as a decent pre-season fixture - home or away I'd watch it. All the best cc

Don't kick it pick it up and GO FORWARD

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Falc Dancer 03 November, 2019 13:03
Another win and the additional BP as well
Credit to Jersey, their ball retention was superb. In that opening 30mins they dominated territory and position and didn’t needlessly kick it away or knock it on. They came to play

Our performance in the first half was v.poor. From butchering a clear try by Radwan down the West stand touchline to aimless, pointless, slow box kicks. It was a very frustrating half. How we went in at HT winning was beyond me

Second half we woke up and played some good rugby at times. Sam Stuart’s introduction was a massive difference. Radwans try was unbelievable. He has an amazing engine to run that far at full pelt

The maul looked very effective and the scrum was solid
Line out still let us down a few times when we were in good positions

All in all, another win and we roll on to the next game and we have the benefit of players returning from the WC to give the boys a boost

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Bedlington Lad 04 November, 2019 08:44
We seem to be struggling to settle into a style of play, buta bonus point win will do at this early stage of the season. Sinotti made a great run but i didn't understand why he didn't ship it out when the cover came across. Fair play to Toby, his pace has deserted him but he put his body on the line in defence

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
skip mcskipper 04 November, 2019 22:14
The falcons in my opinion are playing pretty much the same kind of rugby this season that got us relegated last season. I'll support the boys every day of the week but tactically I don't see things changing any time soon, why would they, we could all see things weren't looking good by Christmas last season and nothing changed.

Re: Falcons v Jersey Reds Teams Up
Bedlington Lad 05 November, 2019 08:11
We're winning and we have a season to develop a style of play so at this stage I' not overly concerned. When the entire squad is back and available I would hope we have a more coherent style of play. I did wonder if a specialist attack coach would help, if we had the money

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