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Next two matches

Saturday 29th February Jersey Reds v Newcastle Falcons 3pm League Championship

Friday 13th March Newcastle Falcons v Bedford Blues 8pm League Championship

RESULT:Saturday 22nd February Newcastle Falcons 28 v 5 London Scottish Championship Cup 1/4 Final

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Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
telfs123 10 November, 2019 15:55
A few very baffling comments on here.

People talking about getting through this season then bringing in signings. That is the proven way to get relegated again. Also, no stars are coming. We are all aware Semore will not be splashing the cash to keep with his ambition to make him sustainable.
What is therefore baffling about that is the cheapest way to go forward is obviously to use your academy players more, develop them. Not sign a bunch of bang avergae journeymen.

People saying dont know how you can do better than 5/5, saying it is arrogant to want to be thrashing teams. I don't mind about thrasing teams. What most of us care about is developing a game plan that long term could bring success, as well as being entertaining to watch. If we create a Premiership quality game plan with Prem quality players, which is what we intend to be in a years time, by default you'll most likely put big scores on most Champ teams.

Instead we're still playing journeymen. We're still playing the same boring@#$%&from 8 years ago. We haven't moved forwards. And I don't believe we have the coaching staff to ever do that. Look at Deano's current record from our academy. It's pretty dire. Who have we really brought through?

15: Hammersly- average FB, now left.
Wing: Radwan- great potential, but no one would be suprised if he ended up leaving. Kibirige- potential superstar, underplayed and left.
Centre: Harris- average 13, now left. Wacokecoke- just being played. Stevenson- who knows. Seems to be becoming a wing. Wilson- never gets game time.
Fly-half: Willis- left.
Scrum-half: Nada. Cam N-K can barely get a minute

Prop- Brocklebank- promising, but does he really count as academy
Hooker- McGuigan- left and came back, average. Blamire- could barely get a look in
Lock- Robinson- decent 2nd row, unfortunate injury problems. Young/Witty/Davidson- all bags of potential, all gone.
Back Row- Wilson- already breaking through when Deano arrived. Chick- never kicked on from early potential.

We're in season 8 and we haven't really had one player from the academy where we could say "Yep, that's a big success, coaching team have taken a talented player and maximised his potential".

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
Barry555 10 November, 2019 16:28
This is where ring fencing would be a god send for us Falcons fans. Hard for us to play academy players on the regular when we donít have the financial clout as the rest of the league to fill the rest of the roster with excellent prem players. Putting youngsters in a team with average prem players will not work.

Mcguigan to be fair was probs one of our better performers last year. Iím gutted to have lost Young and Witty alongside Zach , I think theyíll kick on to become good solid prem players.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
Exiled Falcon 10 November, 2019 16:53
Pretty good summation Telfs. If nothing else this season should be about preparing players for next season and giving them plenty of game time. Donít want to see us signing a pile of players over the summer, that is a bit of a recipe for disaster, plus a totally wasted opportunity.

Ring fencing Barry, noooooo!!!

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
Barry555 10 November, 2019 17:18
We wonít get a host of signings E Falcon. It goes on a two year cycle with contracts etc. We will get players who are available and will add something alongside fitting into our strict budget.

As much as I love promotion and relegation for a club like us who have the lowest spending power it makes total sense for us to support it! Imagine if we could play more academy players and instead of having to spread our budget thin we can get more bang for our buck. Saying that the Prem this season will be very interesting relegation wise now .........

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
Falcona 10 November, 2019 17:22
'I am happy with the win especially under the conditions and 'not level playing field' '
Most amusing!

I take it you are being sarcastic here trummy200, Just trying to lighten the tone a bit.

And after all just like other clubs Falcons did not have a level playing field in the premiership.

BUT on Saturday the playing field was def., not leveleye rolling smiley

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
trummy200 10 November, 2019 17:41
No- I had a good chuckle about 'not a level playing field' It just caught my sense of humour.
Watching on the laptop it was obvious that there is a bit if a slope and dip to that far corner. I was basically applauding your excellent turn of phase.
A forum misunderstanding!

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
Falcona 10 November, 2019 18:28
oh ok trummy200 cheers smileys with beer

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
GeordieFalcon 10 November, 2019 18:35
Im happy we've won our games...but i really want to see more. And that doesnt need superstars.

Several seasons ago when we were allowed to play, we were playing some of the most attacking rugby in the prem. Getting praise from all over.

Now you cant play that all the time, you need the basics aswell...but these days we play the mosr boring turgid style of rugby. Why has he completely thrown away what they were doing so well.

Even some Leicester pals of mine watched the game, called me and said by that was worse than amateur standard regardless of the conditions. And they were right.

We have very talented players...but thw coaching and style is clearly the issue.
We have the players to play a very dynamic, fast paced attacking style, with the wingers to finish opportunities, yet we are making them go against their natural instincts and play a restrained shackled style.

If the coaching team expect to play like this and do well next season then they're watching different games to me.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
DB23 10 November, 2019 19:24
I am not enjoying this season at all. There will, for sure, be some tough encounters against motivated championship teams and five wins from five is difficult to argue with.

However, I expected us to play some decent rugby and different to what we have endured from our DOR and coaching staff for years. Nothing changes.

We must have a significant advantage over other championship teams with the size of our coaching team but I donít think any of them are any good. Defence, attack, scrum and line out, none of which function particularly well. If we didnít have a line out coach we couldnít do any worse. Our game plans, such as they are, are exasperating.

All of the above is down to Richards. Even with a restricted budget we should be able to produce well-coached teams but are often out-thought by other clubs.

I expected a whole lot better from us in the championship and our inability to take bonus pointsí wins could cost us. Even five from five with no losses leaves us only three points ahead of second place. Early days, of course, but I am just not excited about going to watch us play.

If this is what is going to be served up all season, and is likely with our coaches and management, it will leave us seriously underprepared for a return to the premiership - if we get there.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
Bedlington Lad 11 November, 2019 08:10
We won another game in tough conditions,I'll take it.
If you watched the prem highlights of any teams playing in the rain no game looked very good.
I wouldn't be averse to bringing in an attack coach to reduce the burden on Dave Walder, but we have to cut our coat according to our cloth. I'll think about next season when I know we're promoted.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
Wensleydale Falcon 11 November, 2019 09:55
Completely agree BL, and if anyone watched Exeter v Bristol yesterday there were numerous handling errors by both teams in what were described as perfect conditions.
At present we are doing what is required by executing well our game management and the 2nd half on Saturday was a prime example...not pretty and a hard watch i completely agree but none the less it was effective and got the required result.
I would rather win ugly than lose trying to play exhibition rugby!
When the weather conditions allow i believe that we will then be more expansive and show some good quality flowing rugby.
The main learning point for me when we last got relegated was the importance of quality in squad depth. once again we have this with numerous guys still to be involved and when the injuries kick in for the clubs around us this is where (hopefully) we will benefit and kick on.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
matt1il 11 November, 2019 10:19
We were lucky that in the first half they consistently went for the corner, if they had knocked over a few relatively easy kicks (especially compared to their 2nd score) then we'd have been in trouble. The fact we escaped only through bad decisions on their part is worrying but we won, are top and looking like we'll go up.

I do worry about next season as it's clear the box kick is staying, and it's not just in conditions like Sat we use it. Although that felt like the perfect game for it.

Radwan had a few good runs and looked (and sounded) great defensively organising the back line very well/vocally in the 1st half. However Sinoti had 1 run which resulted in him running into Hardie late on, surely 1 on 1 he should be eating Champ defenders up.

At least this year there doesn't seem to be the challenge from 1 team in particular like Irish had with Ealing last year. My next trip is Ealing away before Christmas and I'm hoping the quality (rugby & weather) is significantly better!

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
Rogerandout 11 November, 2019 10:27
I think we are all in agreement that getting promoted is the priority and 5 wins from 5 is exactly what we want and to a fair degree expect.
I suspect that we have all played enough rugby on cold wet windy days to understand the need for pragmatism.
My point and I think it is shared with a few others on this forum is that we must at the same time prepare for next year. This is in terms of game time for players that we hope to be established Premiership players and a more varied attack. To my mind we arenít demonstrating too much progress on this latter area.
That observation is from the 8 games as opposed to just Saturday. Also delighted to see Kibirige having a good start to the season and demonstrating his talent and skills. Not potential. If you are good enough you are old enough. It also works in reverse if you are good enough you are young enough. I donít wish to see good players thrown on the scrap heap at 30ish.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
GeordieFalcon 11 November, 2019 11:15
Its not only about the conditions...its about most of the games this season so far, as roger and Out states above.

Look at our pack players.

McGuigan, Cooper, (Young Blamire) all dynamic powerful hookers,
Ah You - big powerful, dynamic TH
Locks - to be confirmed as they are mostly new
Gary Graham, Calum Chick, Negusa, Collet (is he still with us? ) Hardie, Uzowke, Young Marshall etc etc are all dynamic, pacy powerful back rowers.

We should be looking for a quick rucking game looking to get our pacy young backs on the front foot, with the likes of Matavesi snr offering some brute force in there aswell.

Its an extreme example but look at the Japanese team this world cup. No superstars but they played a pacy high risk game.

We have the pitch so why arent we looking to play more high tempo, not just meandering side to side and back again multiple phases then box kick it away,

Developing the style of the team can get past the gap in funding between us and the top sides.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
upwardonward 11 November, 2019 12:22
Well not a classic and the weather was absolutely horrendous.
I also thought Welch made a big difference to the forwards in the second half and he certainly played his part in the maul leading to the try.His guile and experience will stand the team in good stead as the season progresses.
Also thought Temmy did a real good job on winding up Floody and was Bedfords best player on the day commanding the lineouts and forward plays.
Not one of Negusas best performances ,but Sean Robinson was as good as any on the pitch .
I do like a Graham, Welch, Chick, combo but that is just IMO.
However we do need to get those lineouts nailed better.

Good match coming up Sunday.
COYF 6/6 is worth fighting for.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
AFalcon24 11 November, 2019 17:07
I watched it not the greatest game but what can you expect in them conditions, sorry but I still think Micky Young is way to slow with his ball distribution takes him forever to pass it needs to be quicker.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
dick g 11 November, 2019 17:36
Reading the observations from people who clearly think they know better than Deano and co and urge replacements is interesting.

Stand by to chortle.

I was a newspaper and radio ballet critic for 50 years. I saw an awful lot of dance. However, while I was skilled at finding fault in technique or overall performance, I never felt for a moment that I was equipped to be a choreographer, run a company or even to suggest that, for example, the Artistic Director, ballet master and mistress (Equivalent of D of R and coaches) of the likes of Birmingham Royal Ballet should be replaced.

Hope you enjoyed the laugh.

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
Davidten31 12 November, 2019 07:32
We made the trip down to watch this game. The conditions were horrendous, after we got back on sunday afternoon I watched the game on sky and the tv didnt do the awful conditions justice.
I thought Arscott had a canny game and his confidence is improving, think he only dropped one high ball all game. MOM for me.
I'm happy with the win and im looking forward with the team kicking on for the rest of the season. We have some quality players to come back into the side yet like, Logo, Van Der Walt & Takalua so for me things can only improve.
I have every faith in lads COYF

Re: Bedford Blues v Falcons 9/11/19 Teams Up
dick g 12 November, 2019 09:09
Glad someone else shares my preference for a half full bottle. Perhaps some time we can use them to drink to the team's success.

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