COML Visitors and Revenue Stats
By CoochieCoo
June 25 2019


Stats of our visitor numbers, page views and revenue since 2008 (stats before that are not available). ERE and its successor COML have been used by fans over the years since 2000 when it was first started by Glen on the Rivals site moving to Sportnetwork in 2002.

ERE became COML when Stuart took over from Glen in 2012. Stuart transferred the site to a triumvirate consisting of PG Tips, Hasta and myself in 2017. Since the heady days of the early noughties COML and other rugby fan sites have had the added social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook to compete with, so inevitably our numbers have dwindled, but we still average nearly 13,000 visitors a month and over 22,600 page views a month. 

Since October 2008 ERE and COML has earned £1079.72 from clicks to our stories which currently are mainly the work of PG Tips, but thank you others who have made contributions. Since we took over in May 2017 we have received £149.33 of which £33.59 was used to pay for registration of the domain. The balance has been given to three charities, Bath Foundation £32, Help for Heroes £45.38 and lately Dorothy House £38.36. Judging by the statistics we seem to be paid at the rate of 0.14p for every click on the stories. 

Here are the Stats for visitors, page views and revenue: