Glaws v Bath - A day out at our dear neighbours
By Mr Frivolous
October 9 2019


If its possible to have a friendly against our dear neighbours, then surely this is it, with both teams already eliminated from the knock out stages of the Premiership Cup, relegates this match to preparation for the real action of the premiership in a fortnight’s time. 

Both sides fielded stronger teams last week end both losing by a similar margin but that is most definitely where the similarity ends with Gloucester involved in a try festival at the Stoop and Bath spectacularly toothless in a low scoring affair at home.

Let’s be honest how many of us left the ground despondent and thinking same old Bath and are now dreading the next few weeks. I hope Hoops and the boys have had an epiphany this week in training especially in attack as I don’t fancy our chances trying to outscore our dear neighbours in a try free for all.

So, let’s keep Cip’s contained, cope with a blitz defence and who knows score ourselves? Easier said than done with the eternal question of our first choice half back pairing unanswered. I suspect its Chudders and Rhys in the seat for the first premiership game of the season at Brizzle so would expect to see a half at least from these two against Glaws and I wouldn’t mind Alex D and Cookie on the bench. In so far as the scoring, I’d love to see Levi and Roko in the same team just once! For the rest of the team lets go with the strongest fit side we can and pray last week was an aberration….

PS if you are wondering what’s happened to PG Tips perhaps this recent telegram delivered by the under footman from the big house will illuminate “Delayed returning due to emergency stop for cocktail at Monte Carlo. Frivolous deal with the preview”