Blues Brothers
By Blues Ed
December 2 2019

Mike Rayer and his coaches have their work cut out this week after a humiliation at Ealing.

The 80-17 scoreline says it all.

We conceded 12 tries with only a brace for Temm and another for Jacob Fields to reward the fee Blues supporters in the 600 strong crowd.

OK we are not trhat interested in the Championship Cup but scorelines like this are extremnely concerning specially as theree were quite a few regulars on the pitch.

Blues: 15. Ed Coulson, 14. Pat Tapley, 13. Oskar Hirskyj-Douglas, 12. Fraser Strachan, 11. Dean Adamson, 10. Lewis Robling, 9. James Lennon; 1. Joe Wrafter, 2. Jacob Fields, 3. Karl Garside, 4. Oli Curry, 5. Will Carrick Smith, 6. Dan Temm (captain), 7. Josh Buggea, 8. Huw Worthington.

Reps: Robbie Smith, Sean McCarthy, Henry Paul, Jordan Onojaife, Devante Onojaife,  Grayson Hart, Sam Leeming,  Charlie Reed.