Premiership clubs Support Anti-Racism
By Ian Todd
August 17 2020

All 12 top-flight clubs will take a stand against racism with different gestures as Premiership Rugby committed itself to making the sport more diverse and inclusive.

Harlequins, Leicester and Wasps players 'took a knee' to support Black Lives Matter movement when the Premiership resumed

A working group comprising Black representatives from the Premiership clubs and former players were asked how best to show support the initiative.

B**h decided to show commitment to racial equality this weekend by forming a huddle in unity shortly before kickoff, while Bristol will form a heart-shaped formation (marked out by cones) before each of its remaining matches.  Gloucester and Worcester Warriors will support the movement in a ‘V’ formation.

London Irish, Northampton and Sale will wear ‘Rugby against Racism’ t-shirts, while $aracen$ will sport ‘Black Lives Matter’ ones. 

Exeter will also show their full support for Rugby Against Racism campaign by, er, getting rid of their mascot but retaining all the other racial caricatures.  Go figure.