Unofficial Coventry Rugby
Ampthill Mobbed
By AdminBTCov
November 30 2019

Maybe the Kingston Park game just two weeks previously had the desired effect on the Coventry side?

That chastening defeat at the hands of the excellent Premiership outfit certainly seemed to underline one or two weaknesses in the gameplay of the BPA outfit, even if individual performances were mostly of a decent standard.

No doubt the performance dept. spent many an hour analyzing and generally picking apart the performance of that Sunday afternoon, and, given that, didn't the team respond in an appropriate fashion?

After a somewhat turgid few minutes struggling to get out of their own half while almost getting on the wrong side of Sir, things suddenly clicked, and Cov began to turn in what was arguably one of their best, most free-flowing displays since - I don't know when. Maybe even since returning to Butts ground.

It was that good for the most part.

The ball was shipped back and forth across the pitch with near-abandon. And not at the cost of mistakes, fumbles, inaccuracies in general.

CovvsAmpthill 301119 Flinn.jpg

Pic: John Coles

No, the ball almost invariably went to hand. Was almost inevitably taken at pace by another back (and even the big units up front) and more yards gained. I may have missed one or two, but I only counted two handling errors in open play, and one forward pass. If correct, that's pretty impressive.

It was a sheer delight to behold.

How to single individuals out for praise? Almost impossible. To a man, they played fast, loose, yet precision rugby. If I was going to hand out particular praise though, it might be for the three slightly unexpected starters - Dan Lewis, Will Flinn, and Luc Jeannot.

All put in massive shifts. All put down a marker which firmly said 'pick me. I'll do it'.

And nobody could sensibly argue with that marker.

Cov's return from near-demise has been well documented, and yes, it's all true, but for me, one of the most impressive and important facets of that shining re-polishing is that of the success of the Academy. With gems like these coming off the production line, the future of the club looks assured.

CovvsAmpthill 301119 Lewis.jpg

Pic: Nick Meredith

OK, there was a downside to the almost faultless performance out there, and it had an almost-tangible inevitability about it, with Cov slackening the pace in the dying embers of the contest and allowing the visitors to bully their way to two tries in the corner from penalty lineouts, and an undeserved (in my view) bonus point.

On to the final two away Championship Cup games then, at Bedford and Ealing, with a home quarter final the target. Still far from assured, but confidence must be high now.

Full Time: Coventry 64-26 Ampthill


Will Owen, Ben Nutley (2), Will Flinn (2), Senitiki Nayalo, Rob Knox, Henry Purdy, Penalty Try, Dan Lewis.

Conversions: Tony Fenner (2), Will Maisey (4).

Attendance: 2067