Battle of the Nines
By New Cherry
September 6 2019


The summer hols are over, there's a nip in the air and drizzle in the strengthening wind.  Normally those are signals that it's time to get down to Kingsholm and watch some full on rugby. Not this year ..

We have to wait weeks for some proper first team action. Not even the prospect of watching World Cup games over your cornflakes stirs the soul as much as the thrill of seeing the Cherry and Whites take to the field against the old enemies such as Barff, Saints and the former force known as Leicester Tigers.

Of course, there is the diversion of watching England from afar and St James' Park is certainly a hike for most supporters. 

There is interest in the England v Italy warm-up game for Glaws supporters, as we hope that at some point we will have both  two scrum halfs on the field.

Callum Braley has played at youth level fro England but also qualifies for Italy and starts the game,  while Kiwi born Willi Heinz has managed to qualify for England and will be on the bench - it's a funny world is international rugby.

Regardless, good luck to them both and may the best Englishman win - both in Newcastle and Japan.