Unofficial Plymouth Albion
Eric Johns - RIP
By Cider Drinker
October 7 2019

On Saturday the whole of Albion held a minutes silence for Eric Johns, only the birds could be heard as everyone at the ground remembered a much loved man who done so much for the local community.

Eric died aged 93, he was known as ‘Mr Devonport’, having been involved in much of devonports redevelopment.  In 2005 he oversaw the symbolic removal of the dockyard wall that divided Devonport, Eric was born in a house which was behind the wall, campaigned for it to be removed.  A Devonport community vote in 2007, resulted in the West stand being re-named as the Eric Johns Stands

Our condolences go to his family and friends during this time.   As yet there have been no details of the funeral published

We all have our memories of Eric, please share yours here, RIP Eric and well done Sir for all your efforts in Devonport.