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Meet the Family - MikeGC

By Major Bloodnok
March 16 2008

After a lengthy break for injury, the world-famous Meet the Family feature returns with the low-down on MikeGC. Mike's a senior analytical chemist from Heaton Mersey who's been following Sale for 5 years now. He's also a bit of a twitcher in his spare time. Now read on for the full info from the horse's mouth...


Meet The Family



Real Name



Heaton Mersey, Stockport


Senior Analytical Chemist



Big range of films I’ve enjoyed, for example Grease, the first two Star Wars films, The Italian Job (the original), Blues Brothers, Battle of Britain, The Dam Busters, and the early “Carry On” films.

TV Programme(s)

A bit of a telly addict and I’ll watch any wildlife documentary, I’m especially keen on “Life in Cold Blood” at the moment but “Planet Earth”, “Blue Planet”, “Life of Birds” and “Life on Earth” were great too. On a lighter note Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Phoenix Nights, Max and Paddy, Little Britain.


I’ll try almost anything from “War and Peace” to “A Brief History of Time” to the Adrian Mole books. Not a great fan of biographies but enjoyed “Finding my Feet”. Recently, I’ve enjoyed all Dan Harris’s contributions and I’m not ashamed to admit I enjoy the escapism of “Harry Potter”


very varied, I find I can enjoy listening to the Tamla Motown greats, Led Zeppelin and the like, the Spice Girls, Charlotte Church (new and old); Beethoven, electric folk (Steel Eye Span, etc.)

Radio Station(s)

ImagineFM and Radio 2


Indian, Chinese, Thai, regional French, Tapas, etc, etc.


yes please

Place(s) to visit

I’ve really enjoyed trips to Florida, Extremadura, Cyprus, and Southern France in pursuit of my other main hobby (pun intended). On “holiday”, the sight of the Millau Viaduct (nearly finished) was great, swimming the Gulf of Mexico with Dolphins a little way off and Frigatebirds over head is as clear in my mind today as the day I did it.


I’ve really been lucky with some of the wildlife experiences I’ve had. Dolphins, porpoises and some of the larger whales are pretty wonderful. However, my ‘first love’ is the Firecrest (go on Google it)


How long supporting Sale Sharks?

5 years. At Christmas I converted to a half season ticket and I’m now enjoying what’s left of my FOURTH full season ticket

Best ever Sale Sharks game

GP final

Favourite Sale Sharks experience off pitch

the party in Connor’s Bar after the Parker Pen win in 2005.

How did you start supporting Sale Sharks?

Always took an interest in Sales results on Grandstand. Didn’t seem right supporting another club while I was still playing. I gave up at a similar time to Sharks move to play in Stockport. Free tickets won on the ImagineFM breakfast show got me into the Northampton game and made it clear to me that something exciting was happening at Edgeley Park. I started to come along regularly and kept winning free tickets. At Christmas I converted to a half season ticket and I’m now enjoying what’s left of my second full season ticket. The free tickets through ImagineFM were a great marketing ploy.



Bird watching, I call it ‘birding’ because my friends and I are proactive and try to seek out our birds rather than ‘bird watching’ which implies a sedentary pastime (to me) in that you’re waiting for them to find you. I do conservation work, lead bird watching and nature walks and take part in survey work to off-set the twitching I get involved with.

Five people you'd invite to dinner and who would cook:

I’ve been lucky enough to have had dinner with David Bellamy and had chats with Bill Oddie and David Attenborough in the past; all were fascinating in their own way. If I threw a dinner party tomorrow I’d like to invite Ellen McArthur, Peter Kay, Ranulph Fiennes, Jeremy Clarkson and Nigella Lawson to cook.

Most likely to say?

No, I’ve no opinion about that at all.

Least likely to say?

No, thanks, really, I’ve had enough

Tell us something about you we don't know.

I’m particularly interested in rare birds in Britain, I have twitched to the Isles of Scilly and I’ve twitched to the north coats of Scotland. Trips to various European countries have been made on the back of birding trips, and life away from the big cities in Spain and France is idyllic. I’ve done a number of parachute jumps (all static line) and paragliding. I am also a single parent and vaguely responsible for a wonderful daughter.

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