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Where to Eat and Drink in Leeds

By Timofe (24/01/2007)
January 24 2007

Food and Drink in Leeds


The ultimate in before and after match entertainment, pub visits are obviously a must. The first post-match stop-off point should be the Carnegie Cafe within the stadium complex itself. Located within the brand new Carnegie Stand, here you'll get to see the after-match club reception, hosted by the Tykes community marketing manager John Bentley. He will be interviewing some of the players and coaching staff and it gives the fans their first chance to catch up with the players after the match. The beer ain't that cheap though...

The most popular haunts with the fans are The Supporters' Club, The Original Oak, the Skyrack, and The Headingley Taps. All three places are a very short walk from the ground, with the Skyrack and the Oak literally across the road from each other. Also close is The Arc, while further up the Otley road away from the town centre is the The New Inn, The Three Horseshoes (now sporting Tykes pictures on the walls), both of which are pretty handy for Bryan's Fish & Chip Restaurant just round the corner.

Hey, I could go on for ever in this ridiculous prose. Its probably easier to just give you a list of pubs we know, and let you know what the contributors to the site have said about them. Don't forget, whats listed is simply what some of the fans think. They may turn out to be wrong! If so, let us know!

Pub NameLocationContributor's Comment
The Carnegie Cafe

Carnegie (East) Stand, Headingley Stadium
The Supporters' Club

Car Park E, Headingley Stadium
The Sports Bar

North Stand, Headingley Stadium
The Supporters Bar

South Stand, Headingley Stadium
The Original Oak

2, Otley Rd, Leeds, LS6 2DG
TonyTaff (Sarries) Says: "The Original Oak is spacious, has a number of different bars; it is the best I've found within walking distance."

Reading_fatboy (Irish) Says: "We had a nice pre match drink at the original oak, but have to say that when we went back afterwards, it was completely packed with students and we were all a bit fazed by having to queue to get in and having 'attendants' on the door. Having said that, we were, once again made welcome. Only bad point was no Draft AG in the bar, and the bottled variety I had, tasted like it had been on the shelf for many summers. That wasn't all bad though cos I switched to Tetleys and enjoyed it very much"
The Skyrack

2, Otley Rd, Leeds, LS6 2DG
Skibum (Tykes) says: "We prefer the Skyrack for pre and post match beers, the team usually come in for a lager at about 6.30"
The Headingley Taps

North Lane, Headingley, LS6 3HG
Tightheed (Falcons) says: "We had a decent scran at the Headingley Taps, and a canny pint or two and it seemed full of away fans. I would also reccomend the Tetleys in the Rugby Club Bar and canny fish and chips from the shop in the corner on the way down to Headingley from the Taps"
The Three Horseshoes

Otley Rd, Leeds, LS6
The New Inn

68, Otley Rd, Leeds, LS6 4BA
Quin (Quins?) Says: "Further afield in Headingley, up the top end next to the Three Horse Shoes, is Woodies. Worth a visit as it has an excellent atmosphere and decent Ales on tap."
The Hyde Park

Hyde Park, Leeds
Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar

16 Arndale Arcade, Headingley, LS6 2UE
The Arc

19, Ash Rd, Leeds, LS6 3JJ

City Centre
Quin (Quins?) Says: "In the town centre the best pub, especially for Ales, is Whitelocks, this is down one of the sidealleys off the Brigate, I think next to a sports shop. By far the best pub in Leeds, the only problem is its too small."


Well of course, it all depends on what you want. If all you're after is something to soak up some of the beer, then there are plenty of fast food joints (KFC being the nearest of the major chains). Harpo's is just down the road from the Stadium and very close to the Skyrack, and is widely regarded by all who go there (students, mostly) as the best pizza place for miles around. Fish and Chips is something of a speciality in Leeds, with two world famous restaurants in Bryans and Bretts in Headingley alone (plently of Test cricketers eat at these establishments), and further up the road in Guiseley, the original, and by far the best Harry Ramsden's. For Indian food, Tariq's gets a healthy vote from our contributors, both for quality and for price, and of course being located where we are, if you want any other sort of Indian food, then you're pretty close to Britain's capital of Curry, Bradford.

For those of you who want to do it properly, change into your best bib and tucker and head out for a fancy dinner, then there's an absolute plethora of places to eat, of all different styles. One of my personal favourites (although I freely admit I haven't been there for a while) is Paris, a french style restaurant which, although not the cheapest in the world, has never served me a mediocre meal yet. Its located a little out of the way in Rodley, however, so its sister restaurant, Leodis near the centre of town may be more amenable. In the town centre itself there are gazillions of italian, chinese, indian, thai, japanese, in fact, if you can cook it, then its served up somewhere in Leeds! As before, here's a list of some of the places frequented by our contributors. If its not here, then drop us a line and we'll add it in!

Restaurants Location Style Contributor’s Comment

12-16, St. Michaels Rd, Headingley, LS6 3AW
IndianMally says: “lovely grub - worked out at £20 ish for 2 (starter & main course) - my mate also fancied the waiter!”
Cactus Lounge

3,St Peter's Building, St Peters Square, LS9 8AH
Al Bacio


Indianapb (Tykes) says: "Fine city-centre curry house; not too flash, not too mucky, and does an all-you-can-eat buffet!"
Hadley’s Hotel

Gelderd Road, Gildersome

York Place
North Sea

Town Street, Stanningley
Ferret Hall

2, The Parade, North Lane
Haley’s Hotel & Restaurant

Shire Oak Road, Headingley

Otley Road, Headingley
West End

The Bridge

Kirkstall Lites
The George


Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips
Harry Ramsden’s Restaurant

Fish & Chips
Dare’s Café

Bistro15up (Tykes) says: “good range of trendy grub at reasonable prices”
Paris Restaurant

Frenchapb (Tykes) says: "Not really a post-match destination, but a really good feed if you're staying around for more than just match days. Not cheap, but really nice."

Frenchapb (Tykes) says: "Just like Paris, only more so. City Centre-ish location helps as well..."

IndianViks (Quins) says: “Best posh curry: (they make the curries for Harrods!) must book in advance though”

But hold on a minute! Haven't you got anywhere to stay yet?

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