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How to get to Headingley Stadium

By apb (28/10/2002)
April 20 2005

Location & Directions

Leeds Rugby is situated in the heart of the Headingley district of the city – about four miles from the centre. Headingley has long been the main centre of occupation of Leeds’ large student population, and as such contains more than its fair share of pubs, night life, art-house cinemas and good cheap take-away food outlets.

By Taxi!

Getting to the ground from the main town centre couldn’t be easier. (If you have plenty of ready cash about your person!) The taxi ride will take you around ten minutes (traffic permitting), and will relieve you of between £4 and £8 depending on the time of departure.

By Bus!

Assuming you’re not paid your salary in diamonds, then the next best thing is to take the bus. The number 1 (Holt Park), 93 (Cookridge), 96 (Tinshill), 74 (Ireland Wood) and 56 (West Park) busses all go close, with the 74 and 56 as favourites as they drop just outside the ground – just ask the driver to let you know where to get off. (Oh, and if you're a bloke and he calls you "Love", don't worry! Its just a friendly term and should not be taken ANY OTHER WAY!)

By Car!

If you’re driving from the centre, then you have two basic options: Up the Otley Road, or along Kirkstall and Cardigan Roads. The Cardigan Road way is perhaps slightly less confusing, and at least has the luxury of the odd road sign pointing the way.

Route A

From City Square, proceed along Wellington Road until you come to the traffic lights that cross the A58 flyover. Continue straight on, and the road becomes Kirkstall Road (the Yorkshire Evening Post building on the left marks the main junction, and you should shortly after go past the Yorkshire Television building on the right). Continue along Kirkstall Road for about half a mile, until you reach another main light-controlled junction. You need to turn right here (my map marks it as Willow Road, but I've never seen the sign) - this is actually where one of the signs to the stadium should be evident. After a very short distance the road comes to another light controlled junction, where you should go straight on, but angling slightly left, which brings you on to Cardigan Road. After about a mile or so, Cardigan Road crosses St Michael's Lane, home of Headingley Stadium. Turning left onto St Michael's, you might be lucky and be able to park at the back of the South Stand. More likely, you'll have to cross over the railway bridge and find somewhere to park there.

Route B

The alternative route takes you through the city and makes the rest of the jorney relatively straightforward. Take the “City Loop” road up past the town hall and alongside the Leeds General Infirmary, take a right turn at the traffic lights followed by an immediate left onto the A660 Otley Road. Follow this road for three miles until you reach a junction with St. Michael’s Lane – right next to the church of the same name. The Skyrack and the Original Oak pubs mark the junction. As above, you can continue along and hope to park in the grounds of the Stadium, but more likely you'll need to find somewhere to park, and follow the crowds to the match!

From the Motorway

All of the motorways into Leeds come into the city at the same point. The trick is to follow the signs into the main city centre - you go past the Hilton on the left before disappearing for a moment under the main railway bridge, where you emerge at City Square. Then, at your discretion, follow the above directions for Route A or Route B. (From here, if following route A you'll need to be in the left-hand lane, and for Route B, the right-hand lane).

The only exception to this would be for our friends from over the border, down Manchester way. For you guys, come off the M621 at the sign for Headingley Stadium, turn left at the roundabout and continue along the dual carriageway until you reach the now legendary Armley Gyratory. A right turn here into the city, but stay in the left-hand lane in order to turn left at the first fork in the road on to Kirkstall Road. Now go to Route A!

On Foot!

If you’re walking – good luck. I’d set off about now if I were you! Oh, and when you finally get there, after all that walking, you're going to need a drink....

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