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Posting Protocol

By Wildwillie
October 26 2011

If you want to post on this messageboard then you need to follow the protocol outlined below. If you are unable to post within the guidelines then please refrain from posting.

1. This is a rugby messageboard so mainly post about rugby and related topics.

2. Up to 10% of threads can be about other things but should be prefaced with "O/T"

3. Do not start threads about religion, politics, yourself or other people ( except players).

4. No offensive posts please. As a minimum if one person complains about a post/ thread and  one of the moderators agrees with them then it will be removed.

5. If you disagree with a statement it is OK to say so but please don't slag off other posters just because they have their own point of view which is different to yours.

6. No advertising please (unless by prior arrangement).  If you have something to sell go on e-bay.

7. No libellous or other illegal posts ( e.g.racist) should be made.

8. Posters from other mb's are welcome - please make them feel so.


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