Cockers - The Story
By Tiggs
January 2 2017

Well, as many hoped, and others feared, Richard has gone. Let's take a look back at his career.

He started as an amatuer playing for Newbold upon Avon, before joining Coventry in 1991.

He moved to Tigers in 1992 making 250 appearances, before leaving in 2002 to join French side Montferrand.

During his playing time at Tigers he won the Cup twice, the League 5 times, the Playoff Trophy once, and the European Cup twice.

He played 27 times for England between 1997 - 1999, scoring 15 pts. before criticising SCW in his book, and never played for England again.

He re-joined Tigers in 2004/5 playing just 5 more games, and becoming Tigers Forwards Coach.

He then served as acting head coach in the early part of 2007/8, before Loffreda arrived .

He also took over as acting head coach in February 2009, after Meyer resigned due to family reasons.

On 17 April 2009, Cockerill was confirmed as head coach.


As Tigers Head Coach and Director of Rugby, Tigers won 4 League titles, and made 4 other League Finals.

Tigers also won the Anglo-Welsh Cup twice, and made 1 more Final.

Tigers also made 2 European Finals under Richard, but lost both.

Whatever the reasons, and rights and wrongs of Richards leaving, one thing for sure is that is a sad day for Tigers, and Richard, as Richard epitomised everything that it meant to be a Tiger.