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What is a Le Roux Award?

By JonW
May 4 2006

What is a 'Le Roux'?


Warriors Supporters Dictionary Definition - 'Le Roux' - a repetition of information (usually old).

Who is 'Le Roux'? - Nicholas Le Roux - came from France (Brive) for Warriors 05/06 season and played wing/full back. Noted for his small stature at only 5'10" and 11st 10lb, and fleet of foot. Made 17 appearances for Worcester Warriors and contributed 3 trys (info to be updated if incorrect)



Why 'Le Roux'? - when news of his signing for us broke there was numerous postings by supporters on the message board, keen to be first to announce it. Our very own 'Al Fresco' got wound up over the whole situation, which led to a large number of people (myself included) winding him up further via the messageboard and text messages. This became somewhat of a standing joke and from then on any repetitions and old news of info/signings etc became known as a 'Le Roux'.

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