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Learning Curve

By Mark Forster
October 14 2019

COVENTRY Rugby's Twitter feed talked of the blue and whites being victim of a 'smash and grab raid' by Jersey ... More >

And Here is the News

October 6 2019

I OWE Alec Blackman, and BBC CWR, a huge apology. I wrongly tweeted a question asking why they weren't running live commentary on Coventry R... More >

The Divine Comedy

October 3 2019

COVENTRY’S first real bump in the road this season comes tomorrow with the visit of Ealing Trailfinders. Ealing are one of those ... More >

Coventry Rugby 26-17 Bedford Blues - A View on the Game

September 29 2019

Mark Forster trawled up from Cornwall this weekend, ostensibly to pick up bits and pieces from his old Coventry home, but obviously he ... More >

Pubs Near The BPA

September 26 2019

A short guide, mainly for visitors to our fair city's real rugby club, to some of the pubs etc in the vicinity of the Butts Park Arena. Roug... More >

Book Your Match Tickets Online

September 23 2019

The club's new online matchday ticket booking system is now up and running... More >

Donít Let The Green Grass Fool You

September 21 2019

BEFORE a rugby ball is kicked in anger on the new Butts Park Arena pitch, the annual glut of concerns about ‘plastic’ playing fi... More >

Championship Links - 2019/20 Season

September 6 2019

Links to all known Championship club websites, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, and Instagram accounts (and anything else I come across ... More >

Take The Money And Run

September 2 2019

WE'RE a funny race, we English (other nationalities are available - admin), in our attitude to money.   It stirs up such negative fee... More >

Can I Have My Money Back?

August 21 2019

PEERING through my rose-tinted glasses at the sport I love, I remember it as a game of courage, passion, of values true to the Corinthian id... More >






Next Game:

Coventry vs Bedford Blues

(Championship Cup - 28th September 2019 - 3pm - Butts Park Arena) 



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