Unofficial Coventry Rugby
Cov. The Comeback Kings
By AdminBTCov
February 3 2020

MAYBE that title is a little tongue-in-cheek given that Cov's away opponents of late seem to be pretty good at the comebacks

but it certainly holds true in the last two home games.

Once again the Blue & Whites recovered from somewhat shaky half-time scorelines to do enough to take the spoils, to the relief of the 2786 (from memory; something like that anyway) who made it to the Butts Park Arena.

Now, as rugby is important, but family (my missus tells me) is importanter, so my seat in the XL Motors stand remained cold on Saturday as the small matter of a hospital trip to Worcestershire held sway. I didn't even manage to follow things on Twitter, so it was a nice surprise to find out post-proceedings that Cov had come out on top in a game which most punters were convinced would go the other way. Lovely!

For that reason, I'll hold off making any comments here on the ebb and flow of the game, apart from saying (having now seen a couple of videos of it) what a try from James Martin on his Cov debut!

How the Greene King Championship 'Four Bangers' (their words) poll this week managed to avoid including it I'll never know. But again, I'll reserve further judgement here.

So, with that, I'll say no more apart from here are a few shots from the game from Nick Meredith:

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_01.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_02.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_03.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_04.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_05.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_06.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_07.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_08.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_09.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_10.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_11.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_12.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_13.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_15.jpg

Pirates_Home_league_ 010220_14.jpg