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By New Cherry
March 4 2019

Woodward Try

Still fourth but now seven points behind Quins who we play next Sunday - but which Glaws side will turn up?

Ideally the one which beat Chiefs and Sarries and not the one which allowed itself to be knocked  off its stride by a well orgnaised Bristol.

Admittedly the 28-24 scoreline was close, and cherry and white faithful could argue it might have gone the other way.

In the end it probably came down to who wanted it the most and away from Kingsholm that is all too often Glaws.

Quins will go into the Twickenham game with the benefit of seesing our last three games live on BT and gusess what - this one will be live too!

It's fine being the great entertainerrs but one day it would be nice to be the "great league leaders."

So let'ss put the effort in at Hartpury and put all that talent to consistent effect.