Blues Brothers
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By Blues Brother
February 14 2020

The Championship's best response to the desultory way the league has been treated by Twickenham this week  is to serve up a product which is admired and enjoyed by players, spectators and sponsors alike. We have that in prospect this week.

It's never easy going to Trailfinders, as we know so well, and definitely not when they are riding high in second place.

But we have turned a corner and will definitely give them a game. There are wholesale changes with Robbie Smith and Henry Paul back in the front row along with Ed Taylor, Oli Curry and Huw Worthington also returning to the pack.

Great interest on the bench where  Paul Tupai's son Connor returns on loan from Saints. Looking forward to seeing how he has developed.

Blues: 15 Rich Lane, 14 Ryan Hutler, 13  Oskar Hirskyj-Douglas,  12 Lewis Robling, 11  Pat Tapley, 10  Sam Leeming, 9  James Lennon, 1  Sean McCarthy (Capt) 2  Robbie Smith  3  Henry Paul 4 Jordan Onojaife 5  Ed Taylor 6  Oli Curry 7  Josh Buggea 8  Huw Worthington

Reps:  Charlie Clare,  Joe Wrafter,  Alex Penny,  Will Carrick Smith,  Joe Atkinson,  Connor Tupai, Fraser Strachan, Matt Worley.