Watching from afar. Why Falcons?
By Sparkyweb
November 2 2018

  Having volunteered 6months ago to write a story for the board, I have finally gotten round to putting fingers to keyboard…. So why Newcastle falcons?   For probably the vast majority of the members of this forum, this is an easy question to answer as the Falcons are your local team. So why did I start to follow the Falcons when I live in Sussex?  

My first interest in Rugby started at school, I got really interested in playing during my first year at senior school (now year7) however towards the end of this year my interest was disappearing very quickly mainly owing to the fact that my peers were getting taller and bigger and I wasn’t!

Fast forward until my twenties and rugby was just starting to become very popular. To the occasional observer it was suddenly apparent that England were actually quite good and may even have the players to win a world cup. I followed the 2003 Six Nations with a little interest but without really knowing who the players actually were.

Like many Rugby followers now, it was the 2003 world cup that pulled me back into this great sport. However post the World Cup euphoria where would I get my rugby fix from now?


I started to look at the premiership teams and being based down here my options were Quins, Wasps, Sarries & London Irish. Most people down my way followed either Quins or Wasps. Whilst I respect these teams, I didn’t want to just follow the crowd and looked further afield. Really further afield!

I liked the look of what the Falcons were doing and I also recognised one of the players from their World Cup exploits and this was the start of the journey.


Unfortunately work and family life means it’s very tricky to get to Kingston Park that often but I support from afar and manage to visit the away matches down south when I can. I have also been lucky enough to be a part of BBC Radio Newcastle’s commentary a few times when they had fans at the ground joining in with their commentary team.


So time to reflect, should I have followed another team with the choices I have in the South, maybe. Would it have been the rollercoaster that we have all enjoyed (endured) over the last few seasons, No Do I regret it? Not at all.

I’m hoping to get back up to KP in the new year and it would be great to say hi to some of you guys. Thanks for reading and it would be great to hear from any of you: Why Newcastle Falcons.