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2019 Squad....

By Rogero
January 7 2019

West Wales Raiders' 2019 squad is taking shape as the new season approaches. Here is the latest list of the players who will be donning the shirt in the coming season......

Tyler Hunt.
Mickael Sabour.
Robert Tuliatu.
Elliott Jennings.
Archie Snook. (re-sign from 2018)
Lewis Reece.
Ashley Bateman.
Craig Fillier.
Dimosthenes Kartsonakis.
Sam Herron.
Connor Parker. (re-sign from 2018)
Nye Walker. (re-sign from 2018)
Harry Boots. (re-sign from 2018)
Jack O'Brien.
Liam Rice-Wilson.
Ross Price.
Morgan Jefferies (re-sign from 2018).
Dalton Desmond-Walker (re-sign from 2018).
Rowland Kaye (re-sign from 2018).
Dan Maiden (re-sign from 2018).
Ryan Shallish.
Ronnie Palumbo.
Liam Clark.
Dai Evans.
Kurtis Haile (re-sign from 2018).
Sam Baker (re-sign from 2018).
Alex King

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