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From the history books: Falcons upset the history books

By Leipziger
February 13 2018

After going more than 12 years without a win at home to Bath from 2003 to 2016, the Falcons are looking to swoop on a third successive home victory over the Bathplugs this Friday night. A look back at the first win in the sequence back in January 2016:... More >

Walking the Haggis for Doddie

  The rugby family. It is an expression that you hear used, but what does it mean? Well this week that became clear, as former Falcons players came from far and wide to make a... More >

Falcons in a ditch!

  Shocking news from our valiant Falcons as they try to negotiate their way through foreign lands full of foreign people, to play a thoroughly decent and thoroughly British g... More >

“What is a club in any case?”

“Not the buildings or the directors or the people who are paid to represent it. It’s not the television contracts, get-out clauses, marketing departments or execut... More >

Two decades of Falcons memories

For something a bit different to read over the festive break, BBC Newcastle Radio summariser Ian Smith recalls his ups and downs with Newcastle Falcons over more than twenty years.... More >

Concussions in England's professional rugby union

I thought I’d post this up so we are all a bit more aware of the dangers to our players both in training and during the games   Concussion can occur where an individual ... More >

Meeting your rugby icons

What is it about meeting the players that makes them seem like good fella’s? Is it that they are totally comfortable in their own skin and their evident self confidence makes... More >

This site is awaiting update…..

  Once again the hamster in the wheel that keeps this site alive has been told to stop running. This happens a few times every year, and when it does, I am asked “What&... More >

Sunday 16 March 2003, Newcastle Falcons 24 - 22 Leicester

Kingston Park, Newcastle, Attendance 9105 Referee AJ Spreadbury       Newcastle Falcons Tries Noon, Stephenson Cons Wilkinson Pens Wilkinson 3 Drops Wilkinson&... More >

Falcons v Irish Preview

Here it is, my last Newcastle Falcons game for three months. I’ve picked a good time to go away haven't I! I'm absolutely blessed to be going away next week, but a part of me... More >

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