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Man of many names

By Everyone
December 26 2008

How many times have you been stumped when seeing people writing about God and the world on these pages? Isn't Pudding simply what gave Bellyman his moniker? And who is the real Sicknote - there are a few candidates. Below are all the nicknames I can think of on a Boxing Day morning, anymore please let us know!


Adam Balding: Balders, Baldy

Steve Bates: The Master

Hall Charlton: Jackie

Rory Clegg: Prince Harry

Tom Dillon: Boris

Phil Dowson: Dowse

Stuart Grimes: Grimy

James Grindal: Grinders, Waveyerarms, The Gesticulating One, Dismal, Flapper

Carl Hayman: Zarg, Haystack

Andy Long: Ming the Merciless

Joe McDonnell: Jojo, Pudding

Geoff Parling: Crazylegs, Sonic the Hedgehog

Andy Perry: Popeye

John Rudd: Rhino, Crudd, Tow Truck

Joe Shaw: Haircut

Mark Sorenson: Soz, Zorro

Alex Tait: Microchip

Matt Thompson: Thumper Jr

Tane Tu'ipulotu: Tulip, Tappylappy, Tutti Frutti, Tooleyooploop, Oompa Loompa, King

Tim Visser: Viss, Tulip, The Flying Dutchman

Micky Ward: 0007

Jonny Wilkinson: Sicknote

Ed Williamson: Bellyman

Brent Wilson: The Rainbow Warrior

Mark Wilkinson: Sparks

Rob Andrew: Squeaky

Andrew Mower: Patrick

Owen Finegan: Melon, Lemon

Matthew Burke: God

Mathew Tait: Spud

Toby Flood: Noah

Tino Paoletti: Jabba the Hut

Robbie Morris: DGNTR

Paul Van-Zandvliet: Tank

Craig Hamilton: Stretch

Mark Mayerhofler: Mayflower

Liam Botham: Sloth

Michael Stephenson: Stevo, the Mackem Express

Tim Stimpson: Stimmo

Jim Naylor: Jinking Jim

James Isaacson: Isy

Mark Mayerhofler: Bubs

Va'aiga Tuigamala: Inga, Inga the winger

John Bentley: Bentos

Dave Walder: Walnut, Bucket (?)

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