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Paris in Pictures

By Mark H
April 6 2005

We've got some excellent photographers out there in Falcons-shire. Here, we bring you the match photos received so far from the Heineken Cup quarter-final in Paris.

I've tried to put them in as near a chronological order as possible, and don't worry if you've sent photos and they're not here, because they will follow in later articles.

All photos are, as usual, copyright of the individual photographers and

Right, we're here, so...

...we'd better go in!

Too early for an unfit Charva

Blackie provides the encouragement

And then it's time to get ready.

Block D, Presidentielle.  See anyone you know?

The time has come.

Noonie's last words.

And God gets us under way.

Burkey's first attempt goes across the face...

...but the second penalty is successful.

Geoff Parling had an outstanding game for one so inexperienced.

Taity prepares to come on.

Meanwhile (in the case of Issy and Micky), the injury list grows

TRY!!  Excellent work from Parling and Taione puts Matt Burke in the corner...

...but the conversion goes wide.

Thanking us for coming.

Micky No Ice Pack

The last three Falcons off the pitch

Rugby's version of Milli Vanilli discuss the finer points

Well done Stade, go on and win it now.

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