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Heartbreak in the Alps

By Griff
November 24 2015

Following the first win of the season spirits were high going to Grenoble. A BP demolition of Agen at Madejski Stadium showed that the promise of Irish's new signings and new coaching set-up might be coming together. A few hundred Irish supporters braved the snow and the recent troubles to travel to the French Alps with a renewed optimism.... More >


Myself and my fellow London Irish supporters, when meeting up at the bus stop, were not sure whether the game would go ahead on Saturday, because of the dreadful atrocities that ha... More >

A day to remember, a match to forget

Let's be honest. I did not expect that I was going to see a London Irish win today. We were playing against a much superior Bath team, at least in terms of money spent on players. ... More >

Sarries Match Report

So it’s taken until Tuesday evening to sit down and try to write a match report from Saturday’s game (and another two days for an Ed to get to publishing it! -ed). No p... More >

Optimism – Dented or Dashed?

Following last week’s opener against Tigers, there were genuine reasons for optimism and hope, for the coming season.  The new style of play, complete with a good forwar... More >

London Irish vs Leicester Tigers

First game of the premiership: London Rish welcomed Leicester Tigers to the Madejski Stadium. With the change in coaching set-up and all the new players would Irish get off to a wi... More >

Meet the Family - PaddyG

Apologies, with the long off-season our story-publishing schedule has got a bit erratic. We return to Meet the Family to meet a long-standing member of the Craic family who vanishe... More >

Slow Progesss

  Sitting down to write my match report the morning after the game I have given to give myself time to try and make sense of things and put up an honest assessment of what un... More >

The Cunningham Duncombe Series - The Stoop. Friday 25/9/15

The evening was quite poignant even though I was looking forward to the start of the real rugby season. When I entered the ground and looked and the Nick Duncombe memorial, I notic... More >

Meet the Family - Howth Exile

Meet the Family returns after a short rugby-related break. Here we meet Howth Exile, perhaps he's been sitting next to you all this time?...... More >

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