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Player Nicknames

By BrianC
February 15 2006

Player Nicknames

Player Nicknames

Over the years our players have been assailed with a selection of nicknames, some of them used widely others less so. Indeed a good number of the nicknames have come either by design or accident from the messageboard. By their very nature, nicknames go in and out of fashion so some of these may have changed by the time you read this. Here I attempt to collate the most common ones at the start of the 2002/3 season.

Neal Hatley – Beefy: Presumably called this because of his build, the players also use this nickname. Beefy was his nickname when he arrived at LI.

Brendan Venter – The Doc: Brendan is a qualified doctor, he has a practice in Cape Town. To which, it is rumoured, he will return after this season (02/03)

Naka Drotske – Nurse: Naka arrived with us at the same time as the Doc returned to be player-coach. Doctor/Nurse geddit? .

Mike Worsley - Wurzel: For obvious reasons.

Rob Hardwick – Laa Laa: Suggested because of his resemblance to the Teletubby of that name.

Pierre Durant – Jimmy: For obvious reasons.

Jeff Fahrenson – Speedboat: After one of the PPS away games, the original language match report was fed into an internet translator, only for it to be discovered that Geoff had come out of a lineout in a Speedboat, and head off for the line.

Glenn Delaney – Daddy O: Glenn has occasionally posted on the MB using this handle.

Kieran Dawson - Awesome: The term ‘Awesome Dawson’ slipped off someone’s tongue and has stuck.

Declan Danaher – Vlad: Suggested last season after the televised game at Sale showed Dec, in the side of the scrum with blood-saturated pieces of tissue protruding from each nostril.

Paul Gustard – Fred: Paul was brought in as a ringer to the LI supporters side in this summer’s NRSA/Sports Relief Touch Rugby Tournament. To hide his identity his name was changed. PaddyG doesn’t want people to know but apparently Fred wore his shirt.

Bob Casey - BFG: Known within the club as BFG. Bashful has also been suggested, due to his unassuming nature.

Chris O'SheasbyLove Rat: Chris came to LI with the reputation of being somewhat of a ‘Bon Viveur’, photographs had appeared in the press of him with various attractive ladies. The origins of this name may well have come from that, I can’t be sure however.

Darren Edwards – Digby: This comes from the messageboard. A few of us were trying to find a nickname for Darren. In his profile on the old site it stated that he was a PE teacher. This led us to the name of the PE teacher in the TV series The Grimleys, a certain ‘Mr Digby’.

Barry Everitt - The Sheriff: His face was superimposed on Gary Coopers on a film poster in a match review on the Sunbury Centre.

Kevin Burke - Kidzilla: Given after the ZC game against Saints, where his manly stature given his young age was admired by many. Not to take from his playing abilities.

Rob Hoadley - Psycho: So named because he’s mad, on the field he throws himself into situations which no sane man would go near.

Geoff Appleford – Applestrudel: or Applebush after the Powergen Final when the Doc referred to him thus.May refer to his dietary in a former life (apparently)

Pieter Rossouw - Slapchips: Or Slaptjips, if you prefer the original version. Nickname from RSA, where apparently the sight of his running legs is like potato chips slapping together. Oh,that Springbok humour!

Michael Horak – Orac: From the cartoon character. Although there is some argument as to whether it relates to a character from Blakes 7.

Ryan Strudwick - O' Strudders: Team Captain and Grand Master of all he surveys. Well, who is going to tell him otherwise?

Ed Thrower - ET or Percy: For obvious reasons

There are a number of other nicknames which are self explanatory, these include…

Mark Mapletoft – Tofty

Justin Bishop – Bish

Adrian Flavin - Flav

James Cockle- Cockles and Mussels

Richard Kirke - Kirkie

Paul Sackey - O'Sackey

On occasions we also put the Irish ‘O’’ or ‘Mc’ – both mean son of – in front of a players surname. As I recall it was first used with Paul O’Sackey. This is a hard-won award, for bravery above and beyond the call of duty on the field of play. A bit like earning colours or stripes.

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