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BPA Open 14th Sept

By Russ
September 14 2020

BPA Open... see official site  ... More >

Coming and Going. To and Fro

August 29 2020

WELL, it's been a long time since I added an update to this site - and truth told, I didn't expect to be doing so again, but I expect folk a... More >

Newcastle. Were You There?

March 15 2020

WELCOME Back, Newcastle.... More >

Will Maisey Leaves for Bedford

March 12 2020

Somewhat out of the blue, this, but Will's gone.... More >

Ealing Pictures

March 2 2020

NOT even a point as consolation... More >

Leeds - Picture Gallery

February 17 2020

IN THE TEETH of the latest storm of this rather damp winter, the home 'comeback' theme continued - albeit in a far less dramatic fashio... More >

February Fans' Forum

February 5 2020

Nick Meredith reports on the Fans' Forum held at the Butts Park Arena on the 4th of February: ... More >

Cov. The Comeback Kings

February 3 2020

MAYBE that title is a little tongue-in-cheek given that Cov's away opponents of late seem to be pretty good at the comebacks... More >

Six Nations Sunday

January 21 2020

Excellent deal at Butts Park Arena.... More >

Rollercoaster Ride. Right Result?

January 18 2020

SOME may say that Cov are one of the most frustrating sides to follow in the league.... More >






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Coventry vs Ampthill  (Championship Cup - 30th November 2019 - 3pm - Butts Park Arena) 



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