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Championship Links - 2019/20 Season

By AdminBTCov
September 6 2019

Links to all known Championship club websites, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, and Instagram accounts (an... More >

Take The Money And Run

September 2 2019

WE'RE a funny race, we English (other nationalities are available - admin), in our attitude to money.   It stirs up such negative fee... More >

Can I Have My Money Back?

August 21 2019

PEERING through my rose-tinted glasses at the sport I love, I remember it as a game of courage, passion, of values true to the Corinthian id... More >

2019-2020 Squad: Ins & Outs and Positions

August 9 2019

Having the set the 'sticky' New Signings thread adrift on the message board, here's the list that was generated at the top of it.... More >

The Identity Parade

August 7 2019

BACK in a day that fewer remember each passing season, there was no badge but the near immortal blue and white hoops. Coventry, a force to b... More >

Accent On Youth

July 30 2019

THERE’S nothing like a good old debate on social media when you’re miles away from the action. And Coventry Rugby’s news ... More >

Newcastle. The Sequel

July 23 2019

Gosforth. Newcastle Gosforth. Newcastle. I think that's how it went anyway.   They're back this season.... More >

Do You Remember?

July 9 2019

HOW quickly we forget. I was sent a scan of an old match preview by fellow Cov diehard, Steve Kimberley, which sparked a raft of memori... More >

Tease Me, Please Me

June 24 2019

SO, WORK is advancing rapidly to lay a new all-weather pitch at Butts Park Arena.... More >

To AGP or Not to AGP...

June 5 2019

THE cat, it seems, is finally out of the plastic bag. All the speculation regarding the will-it, won't-it be an AGP, has finally been laid t... More >






Next Game:

Coventry vs Bedford Blues

(Championship Cup - 28th September 2019 - 3pm - Butts Park Arena) 



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