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a young lad went down and he hasn't got up since


By Peter Tweedie
January 16 2007

I was at a match last March when a young lad went down and he hasn't got up since then.If there is some way that you can help it would be hugely appreciated. Balta

Georgy was 20 on 5th March 2006. Six days later, playing for Olimpia RFC against the Romanian U19 team in preparation for their World Cup in Dubai, a scrum collapsed and Georgy sustained a serious spinal injury. Early diagnosis was that he might not survive the weekend, but everyone who knows Georgy knows that he is a fighter who has always led from the front. Moved to a Neurological unit, he was operated on and stayed for 65 days. In the early period he was flat on his back with his neck in a brace, but then there followed as much gym work as he could take to avoid him just looking at walls.

Back home now in a tiny basement flat and after months of physiotherapy George has regained a good deal of arm movement albeit it with limited control, and also tiny movement in some fingers. However there is still no feeling nor voluntary movement from his chest on down, but there IS a huge determination not to lie down and let things drift, but to keep fighting that “dimming of the light”. Sitting at his computer, he wears inverted “witches hats” stuck to his fingers to allow him to hit the keys and he now keeps up with the outside world through Yahoo Messenger and the Internet.


Now, 310 hard days and hard nights after the accident, visits from most of his former friends have dried up. The medical benefit from Romaero where he had been employed for six months stopped on day 90, but State Disability pension of 70 RON (€19) a month kicked in. His Mum’s medical leave and annual leave ran out long ago so she has returned part time to her job at the Agricultural Institute, and here I have to say “Come the hour, come the WOMAN” for this lady is no ordinary Mum, and the way that this family has battled and is battling is really something to behold. AS two of them are still in full time education Victor the dad, a self-employed builder is now effective breadwinner for them all. 

Following the accident we set up Asociaţia Prietenii Rugbyului Românesc (Association of Friends of Romanian Rugby) and since then we have been planning events and actively seeking donations to help George and others who may have been overlooked in the past. Founding Capital was a donation from London Irish RFC lads who played here in April, but ongoing donations are proving very hard to come by.

Georgy Balta

The night before Georgy had his operation when I met Lorica his Mum for the first time, she said “Mr. Peter we are only little people and we don’t have important friends”. My reply was “Lorica, many tens of thousands went out to play rugby last Saturday and it seems to me that Georgy paid for all of their tickets. There is a big rugby family out there somewhere and I am sure that they will rally around and do what they can to help”          …. so………………… ……will they ?

If you might be persuaded to keep this young hooker “propped up”, please consider a donation to:

BRDE ROBU.  Sediul Dorobanti.  Calea Dorobanţi 135, Bucuresti. Sector 1.
Account No.:   GBP:   RO84 BRDE 445 SV 61371344450
                        Account No.    EUR:   RO92 BRDE 445 SV 61371184450

Alternatively, we would be more than happy to accept medical equipment/consumables, or the fitness equipment required for Georgy’s ongoing needs. The immediate needs of this family are paramount but down the road (excuse the pun), some means of transport is going to be on our 2007 wish list.

Peter Tweedie FCA.  Tel:00-40-021-2110631. Mob:00-40-722-330247

Former pupil of Caldicot Comprehensive (1961-1964) and Monmouth School(1964-1966)


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