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By Ian Todd
June 4 2012

I’ve always tried to keep a hands-off approach to running this site.  Try to remember that all ages and sensibilities use and so please attempt to use  polite and considered language.  A frank and robust exchange of views is what the message-board is all about, but do try not engage in what the lawyers refer to as vulgar abuse.

Speaking of lawyers, we are subject to the law on this site so avoid libelling individuals and inflammatory racist, religious, homophobic etc comments and language.  Abuse the Tories all you like!  I’ve been threatened by lawyers acting for someone at the club once, and caved in quicker than you could say “cheese-eating surrender monkey”.  I’ve also been asked, by the club, to delete a number of postings on a particular subject, but I considered them fair comment and refused.  I have only ever deleted one thread, so I know you’re a generally reasonable, if opinionated, bunch.  Let’s keep it that way as I have no desire to be up before the beak.

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