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Rough Guide to pubs &c. re Allianz Park

Rising Sun

By TonyTaff
February 8 2013

This is an unofficial guide to pubs, eateries, and other facilities in, around and on the road to Allianz Park.Contributions from others are most welcome as we try to build up a complete picture of options. Please add them on the thread below, in which case they may be lifted and/or edited into the main piece, or send them by PM to me (TonyTaff).The SSA has a similar piece, which takes into account the club's preferences for the routes and means by which it would prefer fans to approach Allianz Park (link at bottom).

Eggon Facce’s guide to Pubs and Eateries in MillHillVillage and the Broadway 

I’ve been asked to pen a few words about likely watering holes around Copthall, the area around Allianz Park. There are a few, but most involve a short bus ride, either from Mill Hill Broadway overland station, or from Mill Hill East Tube. 

On Mill Hill Broadway: - 
Mill Hill is a typical London borough high street, with a few of the usual suspects, including the ubiquitous Costa, at the same end as the station. There is only one pub – a small old school Tavern called ‘The Bridge’. It’s virtually opposite the station, next door to Marks and Spencers. I can’t say I’ve ever been in there, as I prefer to go to the much nicer pubs in Mill Hill village, but as far as I know it’s ok. It doesn’t look particularly welcoming. The only thing that I’ve ever seen reported about it was that the police were called to deal with an assault there about a year ago. Not the most auspicious of recommendations - and unusual in this area! 

If you venture a few doors further up on the same side of the road, you will find Fratelli’s café, which does pasta, baked potatoes, ciabatta and open sandwiches as well as a decent cup of coffee, (and a great hot chocolate for the kids on a cold day) which you can ask to takeaway. I often eat lunch there, as the owners are big rugby fans and you will see a giant picture of his son’s team being awarded a trophy, on the wall. Further up towards the A1, on the same side is S’appori D’italia, which is again part of the chain of cafes of the same name. Nicer than your basic Starbucks, but run to a formula. Continuing up and staying on the same side of the road is the much bigger Prezzo (0208 959 0336). It’s dressed to impress, being triple fronted, black glass and chrome, but again its pretty standard, uncomplicated Italian food, but I’ve eaten there a couple of times and they managed to get the order wrong. 

Up at the top end, near the A1 Broadway roundabout, there is a Pizza Express, and a smaller Pizza Hut - again ordinary enough, with the usual menu, and dough balls for the kids - but if you want a proper lunch or fancy a really excellent Chinese after the game, I can’t recommend the Good Earth (0208 959 7011) highly enough. It is certainly one of the best Chinese restaurants in North London. You have to actually go to the end of the Broadway itself and turn the corner to the left – it faces the roundabout. It really isn’t cheap – but it is worth splashing out. My kids love their sizzling beef and chicken dishes. I love their Sea Bass. Further down towards the stations is a second Chinese, Hee’s which is again, perfectly pleasant, but if I’m honest, I nearly always go to the Good Earth. 

If you want Indian food – then Days of the Raj’s main restaurant is very good. (They also have a small, cheaper takeaway/delivery restaurant near the big Waitrose by Holders Hill Roundabout, as you come out of Mill Hill East Tube. Useful if you are peckish after the game and want something to sustain you on your way home!) 

Mill Hill, like most of this part of North London, is quite a jewish area and the best thing to grab on the Broadway, are fresh Bagels on a Sunday. There is literally nothing to beat a proper freshly baked bagel (not a supermarket version) with cream cheese and smoked salmon, with a dash of lemon juice and a bit of black pepper ground on the top – there are several deli’s, but we usually pick up supplies from Deli Express and they never last long. You can also sit and eat at Delisserie, 0208 959 0330, which is more of a deli and restaurant combined. It does everything from Salt Beef to Sauerkraut. I can recommend their Chicken Soup and their Hot Salt Beef Piled High Sandwich. I’ve also made short work of their Boerewors Roll, with caramelised onions and chips, which kept me going all day. They have a kids menu, as well as a takeaway menu if you don’t want to sit and eat. You will find it right next door to Pizza Express at the A1 end of the Broadway. It’s nice enough, and at least it isn’t just another Pizza restaurant, but the service can be slow when they are busy. 

Mill Hill Village and Mill Hill East
There are more ‘country style’ pubs if you head up from Mill Hill East Tube Station to Mill Hill village itself. The Railway Engineer, which was also known as the Angel & Crown right next to the tube station, closed its doors for the last time a little less than a year ago, but I wouldn’t have recommended it anyway. The Mill, on Holders Hill Circus literally closed a few months ago and looks as though the site is going to be redeveloped into flats. It’s a shame, because it would have been the obvious stop off point! But despair not – the nicer pubs are still open and you have a choice of three, really. (The only other possibilities on Holders Hill Circus, the roundabout just down from Mill Hill East Tube which joins Pursley Road, are the Red Filly, which is a sports bar – and I must admit I have never even considered going inside – or Days of the Raj Express – the takeaway offshoot of the main restaurant in Mill Hill Broadway I mentioned earlier)). 

A decent pub/restaurant relatively close to the Mill Hill East tube, in the opposite direction from Holders Hill Circus is the Adam and Eve. Jump on the 240 bus right outside the tube station and get off at the third stop northwards. You could walk it, but it is uphill and it would take quarter of an hour. This is a popular gastropub, which gained notoriety last year, for serving some of the saltiest pizzas in the country! These days, they serve a much less infamous – and tasty version – and the pub is very pleasant, having been completely refurbished about eighteen months ago. They won the community pub award and seem to be pretty busy most of the time. They do an a la carte menu as well restaurant style pub grub. If you fancy a pre or post game meal (they have a pizza menu as well as doing Sunday lunch), I would probably advise calling them on 0208 959 1533. Their website is [] and they open at noon. 

Further up the hill – six stops and about five minutes ride from the tube station, at the top, opposite Belmont School is the more traditional Three Hammers. The 240 bus stops right outside. They do a good range of Cask Ales including Red Squirrel and Old Engine Oil (delicious!) and a very good and reasonable carvery for just under a tenner, that is, if you splash out and go for the Yorkshire pud. They say there is no need to book, but if word gets out, I suggest it is probably not a bad thing to do. Their phone number is 0208 959 2173 and their website gives more details of their menus. [

But my favourite by a country mile, is The Rising Sun, right at the end of the Ridgeway, just as it joins Totteridge Lane/Marsh Lane. Not that I am biased, but it is my local. (Lucky me!) [] The 251 bus from Mill Hill Broadway stops outside and will take you down Highwood Hill, along Lawrence Street to Mill Hill Broadway. But car drivers may wish to take note! The owners, Roberto and Angela have just put a banner up outside, advertising a matchday deal, where you can get a three course lunch with parking, which includes a cab down to the stadium and back afterwards (four people sharing) for £25. They are opening early especially at 11 am. Phone them on 0208 959 1357 – but word is already spreading, so I wouldn’t leave it too near the match you are intending to go to! 

Slightly further afield, if you are driving and have a carpark pace booked - its probably worth mentioning the Orange Tree on Totteridge Lane - this is a very popular local pub/restaurant, complete with duckpond, which was refurbished about four years ago is one of the same chain which owns the Old Bull and Bush in Hampstead. They change the menu pretty often, but they do the usual battered cod, steak, rotisserie chicken, home made pizzas etc. You definitely need to book here as weekends are always busy, especially if the weather is nice! But it is very villagey and pretty and a good place to meet, 0208 343 7031 

I’d like to welcome you all to Mill Hill and Mill Hill Village and hope this helps you find your way round to start with!

The SSA’s more official link is []

Both Hendon & Mill Hill rugby clubs are nearby, and may be offering something to AzP spectators. The Hendon RFC webpage describing their offering can be found at

More details to follow.

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Rough Guide to transport, pubs &c. re Allianz Park
Discussion started by , 08/02/2013 12:40
08/02/2013 12:40
The publication of this guide is not intended to take business away from the club and its concessionaires at the ground. Rather it is intended to provide alternative choices for those who need to meet elsewhere, AND demonstrate to the club the level of competition they face, in the hope that this will drive the club (and its concessionaires) to raise their game to the highest possible level, be that in respect of quality or price, of the ancillary delights that can accompany a trip to the rugby.

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11/02/2013 14:00
On saturday I shall be training it from Snaresbrook on the Eastern bit of the Central line to AP.

Mill Hill B/way is 3 trains inc a First Capital Connect Link. Not much fun and will take yonks

Mill Hill East is on a spur of the Northern line, so ostensibly no contest.


On this very site it was stated recently that you have about as much chance of getting a train to MH east as Spurs have of keeping hold of Gareth Bale ie not much!


Looking on the map there doesnt seem to be a direct route to AP from MH East. is that right?

Looks like MH Broadway for me and what a schlep that will be!

Any printable suggestions, tips, ideas would be much appreciated
I thang' yow(Sm13)

11/02/2013 14:15
you could try <<<this route>>>

Very impressed to see Sarries matchday bus service on the TFL route planner !

Surbiton Sarries
11/02/2013 14:20
Neville, the Northern Line runs every 15 minutes as a shuttle from Finchley Central to MHE. According to the TfL timetable enquiry page, there is a bus to AzP every 5 minutes, described rather oddly as route 221. This should be the special bus link referred to on the website.

In addition there is a public bus 221 every 12 minutes, destination Edgware,

11/02/2013 14:57
Neville - to walk from MHE, you come out of the station, turn left and head up Bittacy Hill for a few yards. Turn left at the Angel and Crown (unfortunately derelict!) and follow Sanders Lane to the end - it becomes a green lane over the end of the Tube tracks. At the main road (Devonshire Road), cross over, turn right up the hill and there are some steps on the left down to paths through woodland. The right hand path will come out on the path from AzP up to the bus stops, just north of the sports centre. There may be other slightly more direct paths, but only tried this one as yet. Approx 1 mile.

11/02/2013 15:01

thank you folks

11/02/2013 16:03

Northern Line is working on Saturday (for once). My friends come from Bromley and Acton and find Finchley Central/ Mill Hill East the best option.( I live in Finchley so it doesn't affect me) Shuttle tube to MHE on Saturday is about every 10 mins. Free shuttle bus just o/s the station

There is always the option of a beer in either the Dignity or Catcher in the Rye in Finchley Central just yards from the tube - both good pubs and that's where we start our day

Surbiton Sarries
11/02/2013 16:49
The London Underground Working Timetable has departures from Finchley Central at 13, 28, 43 and 58 minutes past the hour, with a running time of 3 minutes.

On the return departures from MHE are at 05, 20, 35 and 50 minutes past the hour.

11/02/2013 23:34
Looks like there are many more trains from Mill Hill on Saturday 4 an hour) than the other Sunday 2 an hour and running late), lets have more Saturday matches!

12/02/2013 08:00
If you go to Mill Hill East, check out the butchers, Highlands Foods, opposite the roundabout, best meat I have ever had. They will do some very good deals on packs of meat, too.

And a fantastic array of specialist sausages. Highly recommended.

Maybe we should start a thread for local shops who we could visit and spread the word that Saracens are very good neighbours!(Sm150)

12/02/2013 08:59
Neville, following on from Zoot's message.

I walked from MHE to my seat in AZ and it took me 25mins.

I am neither a slow walker nor a speed walker so I would estimate the distance to be a 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 miles.

Apart from the slight incline as the path from Sanders Lane rises over the old disused railway track it is reasobaly flat.

If you are peckish on way there or back there is also a chipy you pass bye for those essential carbos.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

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05/02/2013 15:45
Hi All!!

I just found out that the Adam and Eve on Mill Hill Ridgeway is doing a 3 course meal, 2 drinks and a lift for £25!!

I thought I'd share it, because last time i was down there i couldn't find anywhere to go!!

05/02/2013 16:05
One or two Indian restaurants on Mill Hill Broadway, also a branch of Prezzo if you like pizza. In the opposite direction, The Greyhound in Hendon Village has wood-fired pizza.

Shortest walking route from MHB station to AzP

(or take the shuttle bus).

05/02/2013 16:55
In the same vein does anyone know of pubs reasonably nearby which might be showing rugby/the 6N?

05/02/2013 17:20
There are absolutely no pubs in the immediate area - the Adam & Eve must be at least 30 mins walk away, right? Even less so for pubs that do rugby on the telly - so maybe an opportunity for nearby Mill Hill and Hendon RFCs perhaps? The Greyhound in Hendon is further away.

There's a chippy on nearby Salcombe Gardens. Mill Hill Broadway also has the Bridge Tavern (no real ale), the Half Full (Cocktail) Bar & Restaurant, Hees Chinese and Costa Coffee.

05/02/2013 17:28
I would be surprised if Mill Hill RFC isn't showing the 6 nations - might even be on at Stadio Allianzio - you never know !

05/02/2013 18:17

How do you get from Rowlands Close to Longfield Avenue.

If I look at a Google map without your blue line there does not appear to be a connection.

05/02/2013 18:28
CK55FEZ, there is an alleyway linking the roads. It's marked on some maps (e.g. Streetmap) and I walked it the day of the Cardiff game. It's a bit gloomy, but it's paved, lit and short. You can either branch right onto Longfield Ave (as shown on my map) or carry straight on up to Page Street, just north of Champions Way.

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Mac L
05/02/2013 19:40
Hendon Rugby were offering food drink and televised rugby when I walked past after the Cardiff game

06/02/2013 09:25
Hi All!!

mk-fez - Yes the Adam and Eve is quite a way away, i think that is why they are putting on transport.
They also are showing the 6 Nations!!


06/02/2013 09:33
RuggerTim - did you hear that from the Adam and Eve? Thats the deal the Rising Sun at the top of the Ridgeway/Highwood Hill are offering - The Adam and Eve arent advertising it, the Rising Sun is.

TonyTaff - are you putting my little guide up? I havent seen it yet and would answer all these questions with the relevant phone numbers.

Blow it - here's a cut and paste of part of it.

Now promoted to t'front-page.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2013:02:13:11:55:59 by TonyTaff.

06/02/2013 09:37
Incidentally - far better then Hees is the Good Earth - more expensive but like chalk and cheese up on the Broadway A1 roundabout. Also delisserie does different stuff up at that end. Including Boerwoers and salt beef - I've never been brave enough to go into the Bridge - but I hear its a footy pub anyway and there's no decent ale. A few doors up and better than costa is Fratelli. You can get lunch there too - baked tatties with fillings, ciabatta (fresh) and pasta. And the owners son plays rugby and he is a rugby fan.

06/02/2013 13:54
Now published as a front-page article, something more formal might arrive in the close-season.

£721.05 (*) donated to the Saracens Foundation due to visits to the Sarries frontpage []

Please read and submit articles for publication.

(*) As at October 31, 2018.

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11/02/2013 12:00
Hi All!!

not long now!!

BarnetSarrie - i got the Adam and Eve information as they send out emails to those who subscribe, and they advertised it there as well as their website.


11/02/2013 13:42
Is the Claddagh Ring in Hendon still open as this may be the nearest pub for me when I step off the bus?

11/02/2013 16:56
Looks like the best place to go to is AzP as there is happy hour etc and opportunity to meet in the long bar.

Unfortunately I am still on crutches from my recent knee replacement (4 weeks ago) so don,t unfortunately know yet if I can get there- I am local in Edgware so great shame!

Sarries AP
10/02/2013 15:18
Hello fellow Sarries fans.

I just wondered if any of you have ever been to The Greyhound Pub in Hendon ? If so, what do you think of it ?

It's in my lastest edition of the Good Beer Guide and is supposed to be one of the best pubs in the area) ? In fact, it's pretty much the only pub local to Allianz Park featured in the book !

If so, do you know how far it is from A.P.?


10/02/2013 19:56
Have enjoyed a pint or two at the Greyhound, but it is quite some distance from AzP and as it is located directly opposite Middlesex Uni. tends to be full of of students. If that is your thing, no problem, however I regret to say it is no longer mine

12/02/2013 11:26
If you are walking from MHE to AZ (or indeed returning to MHE) and need that carbo hit then you could stop by
Friday's Fish Bar (Formerly Nick's) at 3 Salcombe Gardens at the junction with Pursley Road.

You can GoogleMap them at NW7 2NU.

I just spoke to the owner and he tells me they will be open from 11:30 to 21:30 on Saturday
and their Sunday hours are normally 12:00 to 18:00

I have yet to try them myself but after my two-way 25 minute walk for the Cardiff game I have no doubt it is only a matter of time.(Sm15)

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

12/02/2013 12:23
Boomer - I assume from this you walked up the path past the sports centre etc to the bus stops and then back along Pursley Road/Devonshire Road. There should be more direct footpaths that would knock a good 700-800 yds off that walk. I'll be sussing it out again on Sat so will report back.

Of course, the lure of the chippy may make the detour worthwhile!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2013:02:12:12:23:54 by Zoot.

12/02/2013 18:52
Correct Zoot. Sanders Lane/Devonshire/Pursley to path that is West of the .

There is a path along the old train track that actually runs south of the PowerLeague site so it does cut off a rather large corner of the playing fields.

However I was unsure of the access on Devonshire Road. There is the remains of a bridge on Devonshire and there appears to be steps going donw to the old track bed. This 'track/path' eventually cuts across the path that is West of the PowerLeagueleads that leads to AZ.

Not sure if that make sense. But happy hunting.

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

13/02/2013 12:13
A link to Hendon RFC's website has now been added to the bottom of the article at the top. It appears that, if one signs up for their email, one will get details of (Saracens) match-day offers - they are a 'Saracens Partner Club'.

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15/02/2013 12:02
Hendon RFC have now decided what their offering will be on Saturday. Bar and barbecue prices, together with a taxi firm offer are now on their website - use the link at the bottom of the front-page article at the top of this thread.

£721.05 (*) donated to the Saracens Foundation due to visits to the Sarries frontpage []

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15/02/2013 12:20
Would anyone like to provide a review of The Bodhran, which is near Hendon Central tube?

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20/02/2013 17:01
Did anyone try either Mill Hill Rfc or Hendon Rfc, either for parking, drinks or food? If so, please post your findings on here.

£721.05 (*) donated to the Saracens Foundation due to visits to the Sarries frontpage []

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03/05/2013 12:10
Hi all,

Making my first trip to the ground tomorrow. From some of the posts above, is the simplest route to the ground to walk from Mill Hill East tube?

Also, are the pies as good as they look on ESPN?


I think there's a free shuttle bus from Mill Hill East tube.

The benefit of this rather unique extension to the Northern line is that pretty much anyone else on the train should be going to Allianz as well - so you can always ask!

Oh, and the pies are delicious!

03/05/2013 13:01

Sarries AP
05/05/2013 12:12
Just to add to the above, we had a quick pint before and after yesterday's game at The Bridge Tavern in Mill Hill Broadway.

It's what I would call a typical "boozer"..... Dated inside, and not exactly an array of beers on offer but we got a very warm welcome nonetheless. Probably wouldn't spend a long period of time in there, but will definitely frequent it again.

We ate at Days of the Raj and had a fantastic meal. Not cheap but very large portions!


Vodka and Gin Graham
20/09/2013 12:19
I remember a while ago there was talk of a walking route from Mill Hill Broadway to AP that didn't involve following the bus route, through some woods apparently? Anybody out there remember this or have a map? Google sends me around the houses.

"Darkness washed over the Dude - Darker than a black steer's tookus on a moonless prairie night. There was no bottom."

20/09/2013 12:39
ZR there is a short cut through the woods off Devonshire Road if you are walking from Mill Hill East. Is that perhaps what you were thinking of?

20/09/2013 12:41
Gazzafez is right;

">Walk from Mill Hill EAST

20/09/2013 12:58
just a local question - is there any access inside Copthall from Hendon Golf club to the stadium

seems like 30 minutes stroll to the golf club from Finchley Central

20/09/2013 13:01

I would take the second, lower route here;

Walkies routes

20/09/2013 13:25
Significantly shorter route

Although I don't bother with it any more 'cos the shuttle buses are so good.

Vodka and Gin Graham
20/09/2013 14:52
Thanks for your help dudes

"Darkness washed over the Dude - Darker than a black steer's tookus on a moonless prairie night. There was no bottom."

20/09/2013 15:36
Gazzafez is right;
">Walk from Mill Hill EAST

I've just answered my own question in that there is a footpath opposite where the railway track comes out on Devonshire road (according to Ordnance survey)

It runs between the stadium and the golf club, but i wonder if there is a way of getting off the track into the back of the stadium itself. Looks like you should be able to get off somewhere

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