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Lessons from Saturday?

By KevinTheB
September 10 2014

So there has been a couple of days since we narrowly lost the Double Header again, I have calmed down, stopped throwing things at the TV, and have got over the immediate relief that the sole saracens supporter at work left in the summer. You might not want my thoughts, but you are going to get them.... More >

A bit of a moan...

Not long ago Wasps were on the brink of bankruptcy. It could easily have seen the end of one of the biggest names in Rugby Union, but thankfully a few brave and generous souls step... More >

Summer musings

My God, it's hot.  Working from home is some relief, but with the sun beating down incessantly on the tiled roof feet above my head, the study is doing a fair representation o... More >

Roll Me Over...

  It would appear to me that in the arms race that is the Rolling Maul the attacking side now seem to have all the advantages. When teams have a line-out 5-10 metres out they... More >

DWs on LinkedIn

Are you a LinkedIn user? ... More >

It's the Playoff Final Time Again!

It's that time of year when the two teams who managed to get through to the Premiership Final meet up at Twickenham. Someone has to write an article to keep the chat pages open, s... More >

ERCC Playoff 2nd Leg: Stade Franšais v London Wasps

London Wasps face a daunting trip to the renovated Stade Jean Bouin in Paris to face Stade Franšais in the second leg of the European Rugby Champions Cup qualifier.... More >

ERCC Playoff 1st Leg: London Wasps v Stade Franšais

London Wasps take on Stade Franšais in the first leg of the European Rugby Champions Cup qualifier between England's and France's seventh placed teams. In years gone by the place w... More >

Ins and Outs

So it's the end of the season, and contracts have been discussed, a damp cloth run round the bottom of the trophy case, cobwebs dangling off our last silverware removed, and Dai ha... More >

Now that we have all calmed down now...

Now that we have all calmed down again, and just before we get all worked up about the next game (!) a few pictures as a reminder of the day out at Twickers... More >

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