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Harlequins v London Irish, Jesters or Clowns?

By Bedfordshire Boy
April 16 2018

It is fair to say that there probably wasn't one Quins supporter who expected a win by the visitors despite the very poor form of the home side this season. A beautiful spring afternoon, and on paper at least, a strong Quins side despite perhaps a question over the strength in the second row. Worryingly Quins are the worst performing team so far during 2018 so we should expect a close game. For me... More >

Saracens vs Harlequins, So Near Yet So Far Away

I have to admit that despite volunteering to write up the report for this fixture, after enduring probably my worst day ever at a rugby match, I really couldn't be bothered until b... More >

Player Survey: Saracens vs Harlequins

Apologies for time taken to produce this. Somewhere between becoming a grandfather for the first time, having to miss going to the actual game and a turgid game with few redeeming ... More >

Player Survey Results: Harlequins vs Bath

Hardly a surprise there were some good scores here. Our game against Bath was a fine example of how you can never quite tell with Harlequins. People certainly felt the forwards did... More >

Harlequins vs Bath: Quins Drained but Triumphant

First off I hadn’t realised it was Jamie Roberts 50th appearance for the club, so a belated congratulations to him. He played a heck of a game too. Only 7,600+ turned out for... More >

Player Survey: Harlequins vs Bath

Well that feels good, doesn't it? For those of you who never had to suffer watching the Bath pack take Harlequins apart, the sight of those rolling mauls forcing their forwards bac... More >

Player Survey Results: Harlequins vs Newcastle

Well it can't get any worse than this, surely? Only 29 votes for a home game, that's showing a distinct falling off from the halcyon days of early season. Neither forwards not back... More >

Harlequins vs Newcastle: Falcons Clip Our Wings

Trying to think of a way to start a match report usually takes a bit of thought, but this time, the final score is the headline and the only place to start. Taking account of curre... More >

Player Survey Results: Leicester vs Harlequins

Interesting set of votes here. Basically 21 people rate the performance of forwards and backs as "adequate" (that's what I think a score of 3 is). Kyle Sinckler scores low compared... More >

Player Survey: Harlequins vs Newcastle

Well, I was really hoping that after Leicester, we might put in a good performance here. Unfortunately that did not happen. If there was a silver lining, it was that our defence di... More >

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