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Gloucester vs Harlequins: Castle Grim Stormed and Looted

By Bedfordshire Boy
March 9 2017

With our current form and diabolical away record there was only likely to be one result from our annual day trip to Castle Grim which does make you wonder why any Quins fans bother to make the trip. The answer is of course that you support your team through the bad times as well as the good but we have been severely tested in this our 150th year. ... More >

Leicester vs Harlequins : Burns Night

Before I get stuck into the match report I thought I’d clear up a bit of uncertainty following a muffled explosion in the Twickenham area on Friday evening. English Heritage ... More >

Bath vs Harlequins : Late show from Nashville Catts

It may have taken until nearly the last quarter for Bath to wake up but when they did it was enough to ease past Quins 22-12. Quins just didn’t make it hard enough, on a seco... More >

Quins v Sale, AW Cup. Sale seal late steal

Sale nicked the final group game of the Unfathomable Cup with a late penalty from Will Addison to edge an un-entertaining but sometimes engaging game 13-10 on windy and wet night i... More >

A Tale Of Two Cities – Stade Francais v Harlequins

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was th... More >

Great Expectations - Harlequins vs Edinburgh

What the Dickens happened yesterday? I am not sure that any of us contemplated anything other than a win for Quins albeit Edinburgh showed how they could cut the Quins defence to r... More >

Worcester vs Harlequins

There's a wonderful bit at the start of that great classic film "Enter the Dragon" starring Bruce Lee. ... More >

Big Game Match Report - Marchant of Menace

Quins did the job in the end, holding on for a deserved if shaky 28-24 win against Gloucester with a squeaky-bum exciting kind of finish adding a gloss to a game that was for the f... More >

Harlequins vs Bath: Unstoppable Force meets Immovable Object

Bath came into this fixture with a record of 7 wins and only 1 loss, having slipped up at Welford Road. Quins meanwhile have been having an up and down season, with all of the ups ... More >

Quins v Exeter Anglo Welsh Cup Match Report

What's the world coming to? Not the Stoop at 5.30pm on a Saturday to watch a competition that's as unloved as a High Court Judge. Only 8,000 showed up. The absentees (and the St Ma... More >

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