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Player Survey Results: Harlequins vs Wasps (Eu)

January 17 2018

A pulstating game that was typical Harlequins. With the right result in the end. ... More >

Player Survey Results - Sale vs Harlequins

That was more "a near run thing" than the Battle of Waterloo. Heart breaking to lose it at the death like that, but that's sport in all it's cruel glory!... More >

Player Survey: Wasps vs Harlequins

Well, that was a turn up for the books, eh?  Shame we can't give Marcus Smith a rating! ... More >

Sale vs Harlequins: So near yet...

After running riot over Northampton at BG10, the question was what sort of follow up would we see? All week there were quotes from the camp talking about consistency and taking it ... More >

Player Survey: Sale vs Harlequins

A typical Harlequins game. Look like we've thrown away the game initially. Watch the team gradually peg the opposition back. Just start to hope. Get plunged into despair. Fight our... More >

Player Survey Results - BG10 Harlequins vs Northampton

So here are the team survey results for the BG10 game at Twickenham Stadium on 30th December 2017. Add your own comments!... More >

Player Survey Results - Newcastle vs Harlequins

So here are the team survey results for the Newcastle game on 23rd December 2017. Add your own comments!... More >

BG10: Harlequins vs Northampton

Big Game by name but hardly a battle of the giants, certainly not on current form with both teams far from their earlier days of glory languishing in ninth and tenth place in the t... More >

How a Referee Can Change Your Season

It gives me no pleasure to write this. I usually support the referee against my brother's opinion of them. And the man who sits behind us in the West Stand. Perhaps I am wrong here... More >

Player Survey: Harlequins vs Northampton

Not expecting to see too many poor players here! ... More >