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Player Survey Results - La Rochelle

October 20 2017

So here are the team survey results for the La Rochelle game at The Stoop on 14 October 2017. ... More >

Harlequins vs La Rochelle: Excellent Smith and Chips

It’s my first time to the Stoop this season so I’m there in plenty of time to test the food and drink recommendations picked up on the discussion board. But first a div... More >

Player Survey: Harlequins vs La Rochelle

Hmmm... A curate's egg of a game - again! Some great rugby and some less than stellar rugby. Do I mark Mike Brown 5 for what he did right or 2 for what he did wrong? See how you ge... More >

Player Survey Results - Sale

So here are the team survey results for the Sale game at The Stoop on 06 October 2017. ... More >

Harlequins vs Sale: The Boat Is Big Enough

Bishop: "I'm afraid you've got a bad egg, Mr Jones"; Curate: "Oh, no, my Lord, I assure you that parts of it are excellent!"  "True Humility" by George du Maurier, origin... More >

Player Survey: Harlequins vs Sale

Well that put a bit of a shine back on the season, didn't it? I mean, offer me a score of Harlequins 42 Sale 26 before the game and I'd have taken your arm off. Why then do I still... More >

Player Survey Results - Northampton

So here are the team survey results for the Northampton game at Franklin Gardens on 30 Sep 2017. ... More >

Too Many Saints Too Many Sinners

If you’re anything like me, midday Friday is an exciting time. It’s squad announcement time. But it can also be a demoralising time. Many taps of the F5 key later ... More >

Player Survey: Northampton vs Harlequins

Well, another disappointing game. Disappointment because, as Jamie Roberts said, we should have won that. We had plenty of chances, they just ended up butchered. We weren't slaught... More >

Player Survey Results - Leicester

So here are the results for the Leicester game at the Stoop on 23 Sep 2017. ... More >

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