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Ollie 4 Gloucester 3

By LI Bohemian
February 25 2020

I went to the game on Saturday with very mixed feelings about what type of performance I might witness. Would ... More >

Four Losses (but not quite a funeral)!

January 10 2020

A brief run-down of the matches over the Christmas period. It started with so much hope but sadly went quickly south and stayed there. An un... More >

The Good Bits, the Bad Bits and a Couple of Ugly Bits

December 12 2019

I am now living in Spain and since I moved away from England, initially to N.Ireland, my attendance at London Irish games has been sporadic.... More >

"Fasten your seatbelts, itís going to be a bumpy ride"

December 5 2019

After arriving at Ashton Gate I decided to check on the odds for the game and see what the great pundits had in store for us this week. Sure... More >

Crazy? Yes, Entertaining? Definitely

November 28 2019

This was my fourth viewing of the boys in green in the flesh this season and the first this season I’ve actually witnessed them runnin... More >

The Stuff of Dreams

November 15 2019

In a rugby season there are moments that, in hindsight, are pivotal and there are moments that feel the same in advance. Leicester Tigers' v... More >

A Harsh Lesson Hopefully Learned

November 4 2019

Early Saturday morning, I awoke with a sense of dread, not for the game I’d be watching in the afternoon, Irish had started the season... More >

Great Sporting Battles

October 29 2019

We're back to the proper rugby - the Gallagher Premiership restarted this week after the warm-up of the Premiership Cup fizzled to the end o... More >

Inaccurate and Inarticulate Report

October 20 2019

Saturday was my first attendance of the new season and because of this, I might have got a bit over zealous in the brown bottle shop, with t... More >

The Long Good-bye

September 30 2019

So the curtain came up on the final season of London Irish’s 20 year tenure at the Madejski Stadium on Saturday, when local  riva... More >

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