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Great Threads of Our Time

By brianc
June 24 2004

Messageboard threads are funny things. Sometimes you start one thinking to yourself ‘This will get a response’ and little or no reaction happens. Others you just lob in an idea and they take on a life of their own. Great Threads of our Time

We have had many great messageboard threads on this site, some serious others frivolous. Here, preserved for posterity are a few favorites.


Fantasy Real Time Role Play Tour of Narbonne, Jan 2004, Bisach.

It is a Friday. Many of our community are in Southern France on tour. Those of us left behind are feeling a bit gloomy. Threads such as ‘Reasons it is better not to be in France’ and ‘They haven’t switched the lights off’ appear on the board. Bisach then suggests that those of us left behind should go on a ‘Virtual tour’. The resulting thread cheered us all up.



Mornington Crescent, May 2003, BrianC

Listeners to the Radio Four programme ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ will be familiar with this game. In the middle of the close season, with no rugby to talk about, BrianC decided to see if anybody wanted to play. It turned out that there are a few highly skilled players amongst the denizens of the Craic. It has to be said though that quite a number of those who contributed to this thread have little or no understanding of the game.


What is the worst beer? , June 2003, Kealy

Beer, being a subject close to many of our hearts, is often mentioned in threads. Again during the close season Kealey, having recently had a ‘bad beer’ experience, launched us into the world of awful beers. What followed served to remind us of some truly awful brews, many of which would have been much better left forgotten.   





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