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All Teams Falcons - Well Who Knew?

By Falcons
June 26 2020

In one of my bored moments I Googled Falcons Rugby and up popped a variety of Falcons and I thought I would sh... More >

A look at Rugby Nutrition

June 10 2020

Nutrition is a key part of any sport, and rugby is no exception. Known for its raw physicality and high-impact tackles, rugby places hu... More >

Law trials to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission

May 28 2020

World Rugby approves law trials to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission. World Rugby's Executive Committee has approved 10 optional law tria... More >

Northumberland RFU - News

May 16 2020

Writing about rugby at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is still at its peak in the UK and close to home the tally of reported cases in Nor... More >

Rugby Facts to ponder during Lockdown!

May 3 2020

During these days of 'Lockdown' I have been pondering all things Rugby on the world wide web.  Thought I would share some facts I have ... More >

Rugby is a hooliganís game played by gentlemen?

April 20 2020

Can you remember some of the best 'Sporting sayings or Quotes'?  here are just some. Of course the most famous is " They think it is al... More >

Deano helping out with Northumbria Police

April 9 2020

Rugby legend Dean Richards spent time recently volunteering with our officers.... More >

Premiership Here We Come!

April 2 2020

Newcastle Falcons are pleased to confirm receipt of the Rugby Football Union’s decision to promote the club to the Gallagher Premiersh... More >

Rugby Cocktails & Favourite Drinks

April 1 2020

As we are raising our virtual glasses (quite regularly now), I thought it might be useful to look at some Rugby Cocktails and Favourite Drin... More >