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Albion V Titans 21 Sept - preview

By Cider Drinker
September 21 2019

With the start of the rugby world cup, ex player Sam featuring for Fiji, and our current player  Setareki... More >

Training match v- 31 Aug V Pirates

August 30 2019

Close all water tight doors and standby for the Prate invasion of Brickfields.  Hopefuly Betty Stogs, the Falmouth Band and the other t... More >

Albion V Taunton .... or......

August 3 2019

It’s that time again, when we have to post something to keep the site alive…..   When Igwok and I booked our tickets for... More >

Prediction League

July 14 2019

Congratulations to Yorkie on topping the league last season. ... More >


June 13 2019

Some teasers to keep things ticking over... Correct at time of making them up.... More >

what to do without the rugby

May 29 2019

the summer months can be very long without a rugby ball in sight. The family may get to see us on a saturday ?... More >

The Squad for 2019/20

May 16 2019

Signings and departures.  ... More >

Bill Beaumont Cup 2019

May 4 2019

Rugby season has NOT ended, still the Bill Beaumont Cup to go, otherwise known as the County championships. We’ve listed below the &l... More >

Preview: Chinnor v Albion

April 23 2019

The season draws to a close with Albion making the trip to Chinnor.... More >

Albi Travel: Chinnor

April 12 2019

There has been strong interest in the final away game of the season with one coach booked and a second close to being viable. See below... More >