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By Frank Stormont
April 10 2007


League Matches

Most Points in a match

Scored @ home73Charlton Park 29 Mar 97
Scored Away55Manchester 14 Feb 04
London Welsh Dec 06
Conceded @ home64Bracknell 3 Apr 99
Conceded Away70Esher 7 Feb 98

Most Tries in a Match

Scored11Charlton Park 29 Feb 97
Basingstoke 23 Dec 00
Conceded10Esher  7 Feb 98

 Biggest Margins

Home win77-6Basingstoke 23 Dec 00
Away win7-55Manchester 14 Feb 04
London Welsh Dec 06
Home defeat12-64Bracknell 3 Apr 99
Away defeat0-70Esher 7 Feb 98

Most appearances

By forward174*Danny Thomas
By Back164 +4Richard Thompson

* as of 1st April 2007

Scores in a match

Most Points


Dominic CundyMet Police 26 Nov 88
Nick BurtCharlton Park 29 Mar 97
Nic SestaretMoseley 31 Mar 07

Most Tries


Nic SestaretMoseley 31 Mar 07

Most Conversions


Dominic Cundy

Met Police 26 Nov 88

Most Penalties


Mark SladeBedford 14 Dec 91

Most Drop Goals

Mark SladeLiverpool St 9 Feb 96

Season Record

Most Points260Chris Atkinson99/00
Most Tries27Nic Sestaret06/07
Most Conversions42Tom Barlow00/01
Most Penalties59Chris Atkinson99/00
Most Drop Goals6Tom Barlow02/03

Career Records

Most Points784Tom Barlow00-04
Most Tries93Dan Ward-Smith99-05
Most Conversions149Tom Barlow00-04
Most Penalties93Martin Thompson89-99
Most Drop Goals16Martin Thompson
Tom Barlow

Seasons Points & Tries

SeasonTeam PointsMost pointsMost Tries
08/09607143Kieran Hallett6Matt Hopper
Justin Mensah-Coker
07/08530211Ross Laidlaw7Ed Lewsey
06/07742162Wihan Neethling27Nic Sestaret
05/06639106Nat Saumi12Nic Sestaret
04/05953256James Pritchard13James Pritchard
03/04752185Tom Barlow23Lee Robinson
02/03697166Brett McComack21Dan Ward-Smith
01/02895211Tom Barlow23Dan Ward-Smith
00/01910255Tom Barlow20Dan Ward-Smith
99/00664260Chris Atkinson15Steve Walklin
98/9945789Richard Thompson6Richard Thompson
Martin Ridley
Roger Thompson
97/98472131Martin Thompson15Steve Walklin
96/97709131Martin Thompson12Steve Walklin
95/9626861Mark Slade6Steve Walklin


Information based on Stephen McCormack's RFU Yearbooks

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