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Craic Golf Society Open Tournament 2004

By Robbo
November 24 2004

Craic Golf Society Open

12th November 2004

by Robbo

The Craic Golf Society’s first season came to an end on Friday 12th November at Bird Hills golf course. The same venue which attracted a green host for the Craic Masters in July had prepared carefully for our return. Food had been gathered from far and wide, the Guinness was ready, daughters were locked up.

Our esteemed Supporter of the Year, OxonRob, drove off the first tee at 10am before climbing into Craicbuggy with Robbo to career down the fairway after his ball. Our plan had been cunning: get a head start on the other eejits and get back to the 19th well before it started to rain. A crafty look at the met office website the day before indicated a dry day, but the morning sky had taken no notice and appeared as grey as Gandalf’s cloak.

We soon settled into our routine: drive ball off tee, drive Craicbuggy, find ball, hit it again, get it on the green, putt it, mutual appreciation, Craicbuggy to next tee, coffee with Jamesons, cigar……….repeat for 18 holes. Golf spoils a good walk? erse!

Amazingly the sun did appear at times and for a while it was shirt sleeve order. After the 9th hole, a tricky par 3 surrounded by water, bunkers and rubbish, we smugly drove passed the starter’s hut having both registered pars, missing birdies by whiskers. Alas the starter hadn’t seen our performance, and immediately burst our bubble with the sad news that neither John Raff nor Chris Sheehan had arrived with their guests, presumed stuck in a traffic jam somewhere.

At about the 12th hole we were being held up by three local lady golfers, and were promptly joined by Howe and Montgomery. Monty had been racing after us all day, no doubt smelling the whiskey from the Craicbuggy ahead of him. Monty’s class was immediately apparent at the 13th, the longest drive hole. His drive was straight and true, and had he been aiming 45 degrees left off the tee would surely have won the competition. Oxon Rob smacked his ball into the fairway bunker and Dave Howe troubled the wildlife left of the fairway. Your humble narrator has no comment to make.

By the 16th, rather like the Americans, we had had enough of Monty and sped off ahead. By the time we reached the 19th the coffee and hip flasks were empty, and the skies were looking threatening again. Ah well, time for the AG, and in plenty of time to welcome Pierre Durant who was joining us for lunch and the presentation of winner’s prizes.

Poor Pierre…….his journey to the golf course took an eternity, such is the slug like pace of roads in Berkshire. We had just sat down to lunch when he arrived in London Irish colours and air boot, and entertained us all with his knowledge and banter. Our thanks to Conor for releasing Pierre for the day!

Winners of the longest drive and nearest the pin were Wilf Cook and Ian Montgomery. It was nice that Wilf won something because the winner of the Craic Open would carry off the splendid silver trophy donated by Wilf and Richard Hall of Four Seasons Landscapes. Thanks are also due here to Eddie Jakubiszyn proprietor of Entech Precision Engraving for obtaining the trophy and doing a masterly job of engraving it.

In the individual competition third place went to Mark Barrett and the runner up was John Fitzgerald, an LI supporter for over forty years. The winner, playing off 18 and with a score of 40 stableford point, was Mick Graves. Mick went away with a pair of winter gloves, winner’s medal, a magnum of champagne and of course the Golf Champion Trophy.

Thanks to all who took part and who provided much support on the day. I believe that The Craic Golf Society is now firmly established and look forward to next year when more events are planned. The dates of future events will appear on this message board soon.

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M Barrett 3rd Fitzy 2nd Winner Mick Graves

Monty (nearest pin) Wilf (longest drive) Wilf & Rich

Pos Name Nickname Handicap Score
1 Mick Graves 18 40
2 John Fitzgerald 22 37
3 Mark Barrett 17 33
4 Richard Robaczynski Robbo 11 30
5 Nigel Cook Wilf 28 30
6 Ian Montgomerie Monty 23 27
7 Keith Beaumont 28 27
8 Richard Hall Rich H 28 26
9 Mike Brosnan Brosie 28 26
10 Robin Clive OxonRob 28 25
11 Steven Dean Mr Dean 18 19
12 David Howe Craic me up 28 14

Nearest the pin on the 5th - Ian Montgomery

Longest drive on the 13th - Wilf Cook

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