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'If you could...?' to MrsGoz

June 29 2005

One of our 2005 summer series is a supporters 'If you could', the series continues with MrsGoz. There may be a slight shoe fetish going on there me thinks!! Throughout the off season we plan to learn a little bit more about many of our 'Usual Suspects'

If you could............. MrsGoz - Claire Gosney
Relive any 'non-sports related' moment in your life, what would it be and why?

My wedding day, it passed so fast and Iíd like to be able to recall every single detail and savour each moment.

Enjoy a 'champagne moment' again in your career which one would it be and why?

The final training course I ran was for high potential staff who were failing to secure management positions. I had to produce and run the course and all six of the delegates secured management roles within 2 months of the course ending.

Enjoy a 'champagne moment' again in sport which one would it be and why?

As a participant: Beating the girl from the Abbey in the 1-mile road race after the malicious cow tripped me up as I overtook her.

As a spectator: 38-7 Against Saints at HQ!

Not be asked one question for the rest of your life what would it be? ĎWhatís that noise?í (just been on holiday with The Adored Nephew!)
Be a celebrity for the day who would you be?

Julie Walters

Be a sports star for the day who would it be? Pippa Funnell
Have dinner with 4 people from the past or present who would they be? Pablo Picasso, Henry VIII, Trevor the Husband & Jason Leonard
Witness one event from history what would it be?

The abdication of Edward VIII

Go back in time and give advice to a 13 year old Claire Gosney what would it be? Just because the bad things are easier to believe, doesnít mean they are true.
Win any sporting event in the world what would it be?

Showjumping Gold at the Olympics.

Try out a new sport what would it be? Skiing
Have one extravagance what would it be? A new pair of shoes every day
Only ever eat one meal again what would it be? Thai Green Curry, Sticky Rice and Pad Thai Noodle.
Live anywhere else in the world where would it be? Polzeath or Sydney
Support any other Rugby Club which would it be and why? One of Bedford, Abbey or Congleton because my Dad played for all of them.
Tell us a claim to fame what would it be?

One of my relatives helped Edward VIII to abdicate and was made admiral of the fleet for services to royalty.

See into the future what do you expect to be doing in 10 years time?

Living a full and happy life with MrGoz.

Only ever drink one drink again what would it be?

Good red wine.

Do any other job other than your current one what would it be?


Change one thing about yourself what would it be?

My hair

Buy one player from past or present to play in London Irish colours who would it be? Jason Leonard.

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