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'If you could...?' to m@d

July 21 2005

One of our 2005 summer series is a supporters 'If you could', the series continues with m@d. If there was ever a guy you could epitomise with one word it would be him - 'anyhar'! Throughout the off season we plan to learn a little bit more about many of our 'Usual Suspects'

If you could............. m@d - Michael Gregory
Relive any 'non-sports related' moment in your life, what would it be and why?

First live gig - Rory Gallagher, Grosvenor Hall, Belfast, December 1976 - Johnny McNamee & me, aged 15 ½.

Enjoy a 'champagne moment' again in your career which one would it be and why? So that’ll be the first one then?  I’ll let you know when, or if, it happens……
Enjoy a 'champagne moment' again in sport which one would it be and why?

1998/99 ERC semi-final, Ulster v Stade Francais and that David Humphreys try – and my view from the promenade - at Ravin’ Hill.

Not be asked one question for the rest of your life what would it be? “…. so, you’re a male nurse?”
Be a celebrity for the day who would you be?

Colleen McLoughlin

Be a sports star for the day who would it be? Giacomo Agostini at the Ulster Grand Prix/ Dundrod TT – any race during the late 60’s or early 70’s.  Genius is a word wasted - especially if it’s only ever applied to beer.
Have dinner with 4 people from the past or present who would they be? Humphrey Bogart, J.K. Rowling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Juliet Turner.
Witness one event from history what would it be?

Only if I was on the guest list –opening night at The Chrysler Building, Manhattan, 1930.

Go back in time and give advice to a 13 year old Michael Gregory what would it be? If an orthodontist tells you to do so, then wear a feckin’ brace - and clean your teeth properly!
Win any sporting event in the world what would it be?

The Craic Golf Society Open for 2006 – “The Craic Cup” – I can’t make this year’s ….

Try out a new sport what would it be? Gliding.
Have one extravagance what would it be? Regular access to the world’s finest red wines.
Only ever eat one meal again what would it be?

Champ & sausages - as long as there’s a variety of sausages, and the spuds are pinks or queens!

Live anywhere else in the world where would it be? Just between the 12th green & 13th tee at Quinta da Boavista, Lagos, Portugal, - there’s a plot there with my name on it.  More likely it’s reserved for my ashes - than my dream villa!
Support any other Rugby Club which would it be and why? Olympic Biarritz – ‘cos I won the Lotto & we’ve moved to the south of France!
Tell us a claim to fame what would it be?

Debbie Harry chatted me up in a club in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.

See into the future what do you expect to be doing in 10 years time?

Wondering why I didn’t finish my best selling first novel, “Anyhar…” - 20 years earlier.

Only ever drink one drink again what would it be?

Fizzy water - cold.  No AG - I’d get used to it, & so might my liver, eventually!

Do any other job other than your current one what would it be?

A backbench Labour MP. 


“Just grin & Blair it” – how hard could that be for £60k+ pa plus pension?


Change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Remove the 10kg of lard I’ve acquired since my sporting career ended, following knee surgery, 12 years ago.  It didn’t help that I had also just returned to living in Belfast, at around the same time, as well as rediscovering ‘proper’ AG!

Buy one player from past or present to play in London Irish colours who would it be? Kieran Campbell – the future, and not that far away ………

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