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'If you could...?' to MrDean

August 23 2005

One of our 2005 summer series is a supporters 'If you could', the series continues with MrDean! His answers include my personal favourite 'Where in the world....'! Throughout the off season we plan to learn a little bit more about many of our 'Usual Suspects'

If you could............. MrDean - Steven Dean
Relive any 'non-sports related' moment in your life, what would it be and why?

Spending hours exploring a warm crystal clear coral reef, snorkelling among shoals of multi coloured fish

Enjoy a 'champagne moment' again in your career which one would it be and why?

I don't think I've ever been so wrapped up in the world of work as to deem any moment of it as worthy of champagne. I get a quiet sense of personal satisfaction when a week goes by. Late on Friday afternoon I wash my tea-cup for the final time, thinking of small disasters averted, swept under the rug, and I smile my secret smile

Enjoy a 'champagne moment' again in sport which one would it be and why?

The champagne moments would be when I've run on to the pitch to celebrate – Huddersfield Rugby League gaining promotion in the 70's,

30 tries in the season by Malcolm Branch, a forward. Next one was at Yorkshire v Worcestershire cricket semi-final when I borrowed a “Keep off the Grass” sign
Not be asked one question for the rest of your life what would it be?

"What time to you call this then ?” I hate to be late

Be a celebrity for the day who would you be?

Brad Pitt, so I could escort Angelina Jolie

Be a sports star for the day who would it be? Tough one, good question. Muhammed Ali winning his 3rd title. Or maybe Sir Garfield Sobers hitting 6 sixes in an over. ( I never wanted to score a hat-trick in a Cup Final, my boyhood dream was to score a century before lunch at Lords )

A non-human sports star would be Red Rum, because I've always wondered what it feels like when people pay good money for your shit. Maybe I could ask last years cross-dressing Turner Prize winner.

Have dinner with 4 people from the past or present who would they be? Winston Churchill, Groucho Marx, P T Barham, Angelina Jolie
Witness one event from history what would it be?

My Dad buying a round of drinks. It has happened apparently, just no-one can quite remember where or when. Lost in the mists of time

Go back in time and give advice to a 13 year old Steven Dean what would it be? That would be 1972, with me taping the Top40 and buying Slade records, acne, greasy hair, gawky, badly dressed, and a breaking voice. Hmmm. I'd probably tell him puberty doesn't last forever, and Derby and Grand National winners for the next 10 years
Win any sporting event in the world what would it be?

Tough call, imagine you're Ian Baker Finch, won the British Open Golf and did sod all else. Or you're Phil Taylor, permanent Darts Champion, but little else.

No, it would be the World Snooker at the Crucible. Or the Masters at Augusta. I'm so indecisive

Try out a new sport what would it be? Any of those sports you see on X-Treme like jumping out of an aircraft on a surfboard and parachuting in. However as I'm unremittingly dull and uncool, if I did anything like that it would become passe overnight
Have one extravagance what would it be? The love of a good woman. Or a couple of wicked ones
Only ever eat one meal again what would it be?

Fish, chips, mushy peas. Bread and butter, pot of tea. Condiment of salt, pepper, vinegar, Heinz tomato sauce for the chips. Tartare sauce, wedge of lemon for the fish, sprig of parsley for the garnish

Live anywhere else in the world where would it be? Next door. They've got a garage, a shed, a greenhouse, and he's got a lovely lawn. Practically a palace. The curtains are a bit chintzy, they'd have to go
Support any other Rugby Club which would it be and why? Other than London Irish, it is Huddersfield Rugby League. It's the first club I saw, and I've tasted the highs and lows with them. When I moved to live in the Middle East, my Dad taped the matches off Radio Leeds and posted them to me
Tell us a claim to fame what would it be?

I played keyboards for a dance band for 4 years. Waltzes, Quicksteps, Foxtrot etc. I wouldn't call it fame though. For a while I made more money gigging than I did from the day job

See into the future what do you expect to be doing in 10 years time?

I can't see anything in the future, it's darkness, mystery. I have no plans, no ambition, I'm “adrift on a lilo in a sea of all right”

Only ever drink one drink again what would it be?

Cool pure water. Or a refreshing cup of tea

Do any other job other than your current one what would it be? A Bond villain who takes over the world and gets the girl
Change one thing about yourself what would it be?

To have the right amount of confidence and assurance in social situations

Buy one player from past or present to play in London Irish colours who would it be? Jonah Lomu would bring the crowds in

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